Is going to TVHM even necessary anymore?

Just finished the game, if this borderlands 2 the next step should be, go TVHM and finish it so that the world will scale to my level and i can start farming lv 50 gears. But now that Mayhem exists, it feels like a huge waste of time to go to TVHM and replay another 30 hours story mission when i can just use normal mode mayhem to get lv 50 loot.


I agree. They really should have just added the option to reset quests on Normal and made Mayhem 1-3 normal exactly like 1-3 TVHM.

TVHM is completely redundancy IMO and only adds another mandatory slog through the campaign.


Yea I dont think theres any perks to going tvhm that I know of. Now be aware that there is likely to be a third playthrough like uvhm

Don’t you get more exp and higher chance for loot in TVHM? and if you stack mayhem on top you get more? That is the only thing I could assume anyway instead of playing mayhem in normal mode?


yes, my understanding is TVHM stacks with mayhem. the difficulty also stacks, so mayhem 3 tvhm is the hardest content with the best rewards.


The rewards are not really better loots though, it’s just more loots, isn’t it? I suppose it’ll make farming easier, but the 30 hours to get there doesn’t make it that worth it to me.


This has soured me to even wanting to do TVHM. I suppose I should wait to see if more value gets added later? Otherwise I’ll stick to the normal mode and wait for the DLC.

The past few times I’ve played this over the last few days all I kept thinking about was how awesome BL2 was and how the QoL improvements and lighting BL3 made don’t seem to be something that will keep me playing long-term. I just might go back to BL2 once I get all XBOX One achievements and beat the PS4 version at least once. I suppose the occasional co-op is worth playing BL3 but for solo playing BL2 still outperforms BL3 by a billion times.

And after typing this all up I really feel like playing BL 2 again, finishing that last play through.

*your opinion *


in BL1 you could literally powerlevel to max in the very first playthrough - TVHM / second playthrough was primarily an exercise in fun / skill etc. BL2 only changed this by essentially implementing hard level locks between normal, TVHM, and UVHM / OPs. it’s pretty much a throwback, ideally you can use TVHM itself to get perfect lv50 gear and it’s also a resettable version of the game, which otherwise doesn’t occur in normal.


Because i actually like playing the game, and won’t rush it just for the sake of it?


I think B3 just tried to appeal to both casual and hardcore fans…and ended up satisfying no one.

I honestly dont see the point of TVHM in it’s current form…especially if they are going to continue to nerf loot drops in the higher difficulty. Mayhem Mode should have been kept behind TVHM…but I guess they though no one would want to to replay the story again so they just gave everything early.


Exactly. I like exploring and doing everything, that will take longer than 30 hours. People like us aren’t speed runners, we like to slow down and enjoy the product.


I have no doubt that my second play-through will be as long or nearly as long as the first one. Not sure why I should “rush through” or “prove myself” by being faster…I still play video games for enjoyment and the way “I” want…couldnt care less about what some random person of unidentified age on the internet thinks of my playstyle.


There is no point to play normal mode when TVHM with mayhem is available. Better loot, better xp, etc


Seems like you just answered your own question.

What reason do you have to go back through the story on True Vault?

A little further down you replied to someone, “Because I actually like playing the game”.

If you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it. If you do enjoy it then have at!

As far as incentives go, True plus M3 will offer the best possible chances at more loot (and therefore potentially better loot). Also, since you enjoy it, you’ll get another chance to play through the story.

If you don’t enjoy the story and just want to get to having better loot and such, you could always just rush through it in 10-12 hours or so but as you mentioned, your not the type just to rush through for the sake of it.

So, just play because it’s fun, the story is great and you can get to True M3 endgame stuff. You’ll also be rdy for the DLC and the inevitable release if Ultimate Vault mode



I think they offered Mayhem mode on Normal mode because you also get an experience boost. This will allow people to level to 50 on normal that way when they start True Vault they can have all the quest rewards and such at level 50.

For curiousities sake, why do you feel Mayhem mode should have been locked behind True Vault? I personally like the idea of letting folks play how they want.


I just hope they don’t add again a third playthrough, would be a big pain in the ass to have to run a third time through the whole story :confused:

PS: I made the second playthrough and the loot still sucked. Everywhere white and green, what do you wanna do with white and green items at level 50 in tvhm. With an interesting drop rate in tvhm, I wouldn’t be so boring to make a second playthrough.


Wow. I’m amazed that after just over 1 WEEK. You class playing the game as a slog. Wow just wow. Perfect

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A common complaint about all the previous BL games was that you had to replay the campaign to reach the level cap. Well, now you don’t. For those whose aim is to reach the level cap and collect guns, that option is now available to you after one playthrough.

However, there are some of us who like playing through the campaign at a higher difficulty, rather than end game. I welcome the opportunity to play the campaign at TVHM and, if a UVHM appears, I’ll probably play that too.

BL3 gives us many more ways to play than its predecessors. To reflect another theme in this thread, there is no right way to choose. Fast or slow, end game or campaign, Mayhem or not, these are all available to us. This is a good thing :grinning:

So, to answer the OP’s question,“yes”, TVHM is absolutely necessary for those of us who have no interest in end game … if GBX wants to keep us playing :slightly_smiling_face:


TVHM Mayhem isn’t available though until you beat the story a second time. If you’re one of the lucky ones that has mayhem pedestals in Sanctuary in TVHM without beating the story again, then you’re lucky.

I have only Normal Mayhem or TVHM vanilla until I beat TVHM again. I’m already level 50 so it just sucks that I have to do that. It’s easier to gear up and farm Normal Mayhem 3.


I love the game and the side quests, but I hate the main campaign and how long it takes to slowly walk behind characters spouting the worst dialog in a Borderlands game yet.

I love running around killing â– â– â– â– .

Only the main campaign is a slog. Vaughn is the worst. Rhys and his whining over Lazy River theme parks is not fun. Ava and her teen angst and hot headedness are annoying. The main bad guys are worse than Commandant Steele.

The dialog intrusions into my running around and shooting get worse with every entry.