Is Graveward basically immune to corrosive?

I have a Lucian’s Call AR with one of those “increase damage per consecutive hit by 1% per shot” anointments. I figured, ok, I can get some serious fire rate on one of those, and it’s kinda hard to MISS Graveward. I probably had burned a good 50+ rounds into him before realizing that it didn’t even look like his health bar had even MOVED. I would think that assuming all 50 odd shots had hit, there’d be at least some kind of nice bonus damage going on, no? I honestly think that anointment for the most part is moronic.

He’s flesh and Corrosive has a severe penalty vs flesh. You want to use fire.

Oh, I know. I just figured with the 1% damage increase per hit anointment it would do SOMETHING if you’ve just pumped about 50 rounds into a enemy. Trust me, if that anointment had been on my fire Lucian… :slight_smile:

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Well, fire is +75% damage on flesh in TVHM, and corrosive is -35%, if I recall correctly. That means you’d need to stack 169 consecutive hits before getting equivalent damage to an unanointed fire weapon on flesh, assuming you had no bonus weapon damage modifiers to begin with…
With fire, and no anoint:

1.75/.65=2.69 (difference between fire and corrosive)
(then to get the number of stacks subtract 1, since you start doing 100% weapon damage)
1.69 = 169% or 169 stacks

In all likelihood, you’ll need a lot more stacks than that, since the weapon damage will stack additively with the bonuses you already have, whereas the bonus elemental damage will be multiplicative with most things. Say you had 100% bonus weapon damage:

(with fire, and no anoint)
200% weapon damage * 2.69 (elemental multiplier between fire and corrosive) = 5.38 = 538% of base corrosive weapon damage on flesh

Now, to get from 200% weapon damage to 538% using corrosive on flesh, you’d need 538-200 = 338 stacks. Even then, that’s assuming there isn’t a cap on that anointment, which is something I’m unsure about.

More generally, Lucian’s Call is a fun weapon, but even in the right element, for single targets there are better options. Lyuda and ION cannon are good options for this fight, and are relatively easy to obtain. The ION cannon is easier to get in an anointed version. The Scourge is amazing as well, but a pain to find.

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Just trying to add to your comment:

Where does that 1% bonus damage is being added in the damage calculation formula (it’s from Primatic’s topic)?

Gun Damage = Normal Hit x Splash x Special Multipliers x Critical Damage x Guardian Rank x Elemental Multiplier

Is it “special multipliers”?

“Add 1% to damage” is probably the same as multiplying by [1+0.01×N], where N is number of consecutive hits.

Will it be then (gun damage dependancy on one variable):

Gun Damage (N) = Normal Hit x Splash x [1 + 0.01×N] x Critical Damage x Guardian Rank x Elemental Multiplier

Isn’t it by its pattern similar to linear function f(x)=ax + c×0? Doesn’t it mean that you lose half the damage during the time (which is expressed as bullets fired in this case) when you try to reach damage of fire weapon?

You have to make up for that loss very fast, else it’s not worth it…

Consecutive Hits anoint fits with Normal Hit.

Corrosive is weak against flesh and what’s more, Graveward actually has extremely high elemental resist.

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