Is Green Monster any good?

I haven’t played my Moze since the DLC and got like 800 of these Mods when I went through the DLC. On the surface it doesn’t seem bad but it doesn’t seem like it’s doing that much. Is this mod bad or does anyone have a good build to look at where it works well?


This is mine. Where I discovered it has a blast master beneath it’s engine

And here @flightx3aa took my findings and made something entirely different


It can be great with the right bonus rolls. I think the best weapon for the build is the redistributer for moving and kybs worth for single target

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To me Green Monster is alright. It isn’t the the train wreck that the community originally made it out to be. However it is still really niche in its use.

Ironically the 2 places I see it being best are where Moze doesn’t use her guns. Pure grenade spam with a Green Monster is strong as it gets 100% splash and the bonus corrosive bonuses. The other caveat is that GM is technically the com with the highest Iron Bear Damage possible. +5 RPM’s combined with 100% splash means it outdoes Blast Master and Raging Bear.

While I have seen it work in gun builds it always seems to be more a case of making something work rather than Green Monster being optimal.

PS: Nearly forgot it can be used for bonus element shenanigans with things like Redistributor, Brainstormer and Recursion. That’s also a use, however again I doubt anyone will claim that is the intention of the com.

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Thanks for that info. Maybe that was my problem. I am playing Moze in a mostly gun type build and was just trying to maximize the Mod’s effectiveness by not ever having to reload (ammo regen + large enough magazines). It works alright I guess but seems a bit meh and at times it doesn’t seem to work at all (maybe I’m missing something but at times I don’t see any corrosive damage numbers being displayed which is confusing).

I personally think it sucks

The thing with it’s boost is it has a couple conditions. It starts building the second you pull the trigger.

It stops when you reload.

It restarts when you pull the trigger.

This means semi automatic weapons will never see the boost.

It works for me because I fire a single shot, then never touch my guns. It works for Thicc because he never releases the trigger. And as long as you leave the counter building when you get in Bear, you’ll get a Splash boost (but none of the Corrosive damage. Never really figured out why that. But, eh. Is what is)

It’s so much boost for Bear: Scorching rpms for Crit boost. Bear boost. Splash boost.

But it’s definitely something you have to approach with the mindset of “how can I get the most out of this?”


I almost cleared Wotes using only Bear, grenades, and the Green Monster. I’m uploading the capture now.

Update: I cleared it.


i think it’s a good com, the best thing about it is that it drops a lot in the dlc zones so it is easier to get one with stacked bonus, like this one i have with +48% dahl crit and +33% sniper dmg. that com combined with this full auto sniper i found, it rly makes bandit heads explode, baddass or not, even on M4
I can run a BM/SoR spec with no self heal to solo SS and MT with little to no trouble. well except in Wotan fight, kinda hard to crit him until the last phase xD

Try the green monster with a carrier to get the extra bullets. It’s a lot of fun and you can farm this com easily for good rolls.