Is Grog Nozzle Still Drop From Gold Golem?

Hey Guys I just started Borderlands 2 bcuz of my lil brother we playing on ps4 I want to know is GROG NOZZLE still drop from GOLD GOLEM I don’t want thatclap trap quest version of Gun bcuz I want to complete all missions

Nope. No longer available apart from the quest version.


Ohh okay and what about Rubi ?

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Rubi is a mission reward, so you just need to do the mission “Rakkaholics Anonymous” and turn it in to Moxxi.


Nice I just started Borderlands handsome Collection there is tons of things which I got confused lol😅 tons of missions in one area like sanctuary last I played Borderlands 1

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Take your time and get acquainted with things. Characters, gear and game mechanics. Don’t go straight for the top gear. Just because things are considered top gear doesn’t mean that they fit your playstyle.

Also… Welcome!


Yeah thanks that’s why I study alot of game I just started the game I am on level 20 I heard about Grog Nozzle that’s why am looking for it so if is in game so I don’t miss it :+1::sweat_smile::green_heart:


If you’re dead set on getting it, then you need to start the Tiny Tina dlc. The Grog is a mission item in “The beard makes the man”. As long as you don’t turn that mission in, you’ll have it. This dlc starts off at level 30, so don’t go there yet.

While the Grog is awesome in many ways, there’s usually little to no need for it in neither NVHM nor TVHM. The health regen you get from skills or COM’s are usually enough. Once you hit UVHM, then it will come in handy, though.

Which character are you on?


ya I know about that mission but it’s not permanent gun after completing and submiting the mission … but it’s ok I just want to collect good guns even am not using all the time lol and I am using Gunzerker character :+1::blush::green_heart:

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And I am on NVHM I think so I can learn game in normal mode first​:+1::blush::green_heart:


NVHM is very forgiving, and it’s the best place to mess around with playstyles. Good luck!


Just say no, man… once you get a taste, you’ll never go back. You’ll try to put it down, but without the discipline that comes from some time spent actually dodging fire and not getting hit, the game will suddenly seem very unforgiving. I’m only sort of joking. If you get into UVHM while hooked on Grog, you might actually need some rehab with a co-op sponsor if you ever want to put it down.


Lol :+1::sweat_smile::green_heart: