Is HC:Spotlight happening this weekend?

Now that they’ve gone through all three planets are they just going to start over from the beginning or not do it this week?

Nothing this week, because, you know, not providing incentives to play the game when the game is struggling is a wise decision.


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What is that?

Okay, what? When did they say there’s no spotlight? I may be wrong, but this response seems unrequited in this case. To OP, there are a few more things they could do. Guest star missions with Experiment, Renegade, and Archive. Defense missions. Raid missions. Escort missions. I’m sure there’s more I can’t think of. Ooh what about ones where Nova is the star? Saboteur and Sentinel? Boss rush with Heliophage, Algorithim, and Sentinel. Etc ad naseum


They usually highlight HC: Spotlight in their Battleplans. If it’s not mentioned, it means that it’s not there.

Unless they just kinda forgot to put it in there.

But I highly doubt it, not even trying to jest.

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Well, there is a precedence for it being a surprise. For example, the HC spotlight in general was in the game before even being announced lol

I can pray, sure, and hope to be surprised.

But I won’t be shocked if I end up disappointed from the lack of Spotlight. I’m just really down right now.

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…I’m a Wise and I vote for more Chaos. :smile:

It’s Ekkunar this weekend in the hc spotlight.

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Don’t bother with Riv. He gets a kick out of stepping on the hopes of others with good-old-fashioned cynicism.


You wound me.

But on the topic at hand, there is thankfully an HC Spotlight. I may give it a go tmrw since I’m somehow conscripted to be elsewhere tonight…

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I’m not wrong, xD

But yeah, I haven’t been on today, been binge playing Legend of Zelda games to (kind of ironically) keep my gaming addictions fresh. Can’t let Battleborn get stale before I play more event dealies.

No, you’re definitely not.

Got back earlier than I expected, so now I’m doing some HC Spotlight with a reliable crew.

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Ambra looks mad, tired of waiting

Mmmmmmmm. Great games. Quiet exploration and puzzles are the one thing I miss when playing Battleborn

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