Is Heart Breaker good weapon to take out Dukinos Mom?

In Digistruct Peak?

I noticed he had yellow bar so he counts as armored target. Probably this question has been asked before.

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D’s mom is element neutral on the peak, so there is no advantage to using corrosive weapons against her. In Lynchwood she is weak to corrosive but not on the peak. So just use the strongest weapons you have.


EDIT: I wrote a bunch of stuff below, but as I was writing it, @paulothead wrote a better and more concise response. :grin:

Not that I’m an expert, but I’ve never heard the Heart Breaker suggested for Dukino’s Mom. Myself, I went with the tried and true Lady Fist with a Bee Shield. I’ve used both the fire and corrosive and there didn’t seem to be much difference between the two. I think in that scenario the damage comes from the Bee and the huge crit bonus of the LF. I don’t think the element was important. What’s also important is tanking the shock ball blasts. I don’t know if the Heart Breaker alone, would be able to do that but I would doubt it.

There is also a wide held belief that incendiary weapons are ineffective on the Peak. This I’m not absolutely sure of but I know @Jefe was doing some actual testing of this(I think I recall him mentioning this, I could be mistaken).

I personally wouldn’t use the Heart Breaker, but that’s not to say it won’t work. If I did use it, I would use it in conjunction with the Bee Shield.

On one of my very first Peak Runs(OP1 to OP2 I think) I did try to use the HB against the assassins. It did not end well.


The practical upshot of what @Jefe concluded, if I may be so bold, is that fire is essentially a neutral element on the peak with a few exceptions. There are some enemies that resist fire (fire spiderants, Scorch, and I believe bots as well), but it’s not out and out bad. The elements on the peak thread does a good job of listing the specifics. I think the short version is that lazy people, myself for example, go full on corrosive and/or shock, but fire weapons still get the job done.


Ook. Heart Breaker is fire though, not corrosive


It’s all there.

You’re not listening. Dukino’s Mom is neutral. Not weak nor resistant to any element.

Edit :


All flesh is neutral with the exception of spiderants, Oney and Wot.

Fire spiderants (including Scorch) are resistant to fire ; weak to shock.

Other spiderants are weak to fire and shock.

Oney resists explosive ; Wot resists shock.

Robots are weak to corrosive.

Corrosive is the most practical to use across the whole Peak as almost every part of the map has robots above OP2.

BUT fire works equally for most flesh enemies.

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K thanks.

So from that tbh I would think Heart Breaker WOULD be good against her. Neatral is much better than resistant to fire.

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