Is Heat Exchanger Bugged?

Heat Exchanger, Moze’s new class mod, appears to be bugged to me. When it rolls with only 2 skills, the total points are rarely 5. I get 2/2 and 3/1, which totals 4. Of the several I have found with only 2 skill, I have one that rolled with 2/3 for a total of 5. All of the 3-skill ones have 5 total points. I haven’t seen a single-skill one yet. Those are like unicorns.

I haven’t noticed this with any other legendary COMs. Is this something new?

I rolled for stat points on a two skill. Perhaps it’s a trade off for being able to roll plus 3 on a single pointer. Perhaps it’s a bug.

It is bugged.

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@GrzesPL Thanks for confirming.

@cailte I considered that, but found one that had all three skills; +1 in “Really Big Guns”, +2 in Scorching RPMS" and +1 in “Feature Creep”, which is the 1/1 skill. The other two go up to 5.

Feature creep can roll up to 3. But sometimes it will roll with less than 5 skill points.