Is Helping hands bugged when using Amara's new action skill Phaseflare?

So I been noticing this for awhile but when you activate phaseflare and then helping hands is active it doesn’t seem to be visible to the player or anyone. Now this may sound dumb to ask because I have a feeling I already know the reason for this but out of curiosity or just to make sure I guess.

Is helping hands actually working while Phaseflare is active?

Another thing is it supposed to be like this?

If it’s not working when running Phaseflare then shoot. Might not run phaseflare as much anymore.

(Note I do see the helping hands icon active at the bottom but I don’t know if that alone is enough to convince me that’s it working with how the icons for skills have been working ever since the last update.)

Icons have been bugged since day one. There are to many buffs and the game struggles to move the buffs around once you get past a certain number causing some spots to go blank.

As far as I can tell Helping Hands has been working for me in my Phase Flare Build. It is possible the VFX may be bugging our because of the Phase Flare animation. TBH if I wasn’t all the way down the Brawl Tree for my build O probably wouldn’t use helping hands with phase flare it is more or less a dump skill for me to push down that tree.

One other question, are you playing co op? If you join a host on console spicificly there are a list of animation that just don’t happen likely do to performance issues. When I use to join my friend both Find Your Center and Helping hands animations were absent for me but visible to the host.


Know what that explains a lot. I play on console and when I join a friend or someone’s public lobby Helping hands or sometimes Find your center wouldn’t be visible for me to see it active or doing the animation but for the host they could still see it working just fine.

I thought perhaps the ability might be bugged when using Phaseflare but if it’s just the VFX for helping hands well oh then it’s not waste of investment for my build after all.

Thanks! :smiley: