Is Homeworld Classic unmodified from original?

Hi folks, I’ve heard some people saying that if you play HW Classic as part of the remastered bundle, there’s evidence it shows changes from the original version of the game. (Sadly, I can’t find the page where that was being discussed, or remember specific evidence.)

Has anyone else noticed this? I’m really hoping the remastered bundle is curating the unchanged, unmodified version of original Homeworld together with everything else it offers.

If it’s using a changed version, that’d be sad, really - meaning the original version is still only available on old discs.


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you looking for this thread?

Aside from multiplayer, which is no longer available for several reasons I’m not confident enough to comment on, yes, the Classic version is pretty much untouched.
The only major bugbear for many (myself included) is the HW1 credits no longer feature The Ladder by Yes. This is, unfortunately, due to licensing issues which Gearbox havn’t been able to resolve.

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Thanks, I wouldn’t have found that since I didn’t care about LAN.

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Thanks! It sounds from the other thread as though there are some gameplay changes as well, but it’s good that they sound like something that might not be noticed - depending on circumstances.

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I’ve not played the Classic from the bundle, so I don’t know about those. Any alterations may be compatibility with modern systems, but that’s beyond my ken.
I’ll give it a play-through & find out.

Apparently there’s something about Gearbox using a different codebase for HW than was shipped, which has had an impact on how many ships of a given class can be built at once.

The most detailed discussion is in this post, but that depends on some context from the wider thread to make sense: Where is lan in the classic homeworld?

I cant play the GBX version of HW Classic, because it doesnt scale with my monitor. No widescreen support. I Tried using regedit to manually input my screen res, but the screen is now off center. I didnt have that problem with my original HW CD. I can regedit the screen res just fine, and it works.

GBX HW 2 classic has the same problems as Original HW2. It doesnt work with the latest ATI drivers. There is a fix, and when i used it the GBX versions engine trails are all broken up. While the original HW2 CD patched to 1.1 works just fine.

So the source code they were able to secure was apparently not the very, very latest patched to 1.1 code base. They basically had to re-fix a couple of bugs and of course make it natively compatible with modern OSes. That’s the problem when you work with 16y old source code, new bugs and features creep in.

Now imagine if you don’t have the source code at all (like with cata) You’d have to rebuild the campaign so it would not even be close to a 100% replication of the original. Apart from the extra work I can see why it wasn’t included in HW:R

well, was not the last version 1.05? (also the source code version made available to the community)

and the raiders retreat demo was built on a newer source branch 1.06?

Like mentioned, yeah, LAN option is gone. Strange decision. Apparently it’s also the case in the HW2 classic, but players already modded it back in. Hopefully they can do the same to HW1.

Moving the units around on the sensor map seems a bit… glitchy now. Wasn’t the case in the original.
Might be because I’m running the game in widescreen, dunno. Hard to explain, try to play it and see. Moving up and down is especially annoying.

They also decided, for some strange reason, that players should get achievements when playing through the classic, these achievements are the same as the ones in the remaster, apart from one.

I can also no longer look inside the .big file with existing .big viewers. A pity. So no moddability for now.

And yes, The Ladder… a terrible pity that one. :\
I’m on map 15 right now, almost done, but knowing that the greatest reward for getting through the game won’t be there… :frowning:

Just search for a youtube version and start playing it as the credits start :wink:

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This seems to be already fixed by the community, look over at the relic forum. :wink:

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I wish. As far as I know they only managed to decrypt the homeworld 2 and remastered big files. I tried using the decrypter on the Homeworld 1 big file but it won’t work.

Even so, how do we use the modded files for the HW1 classic? I tried using mods from JST-Online but the game doesnt want to use them. Any way for the ame to detect modded files?

Classic mods will need to be updated to work with the HW:R classic versions as they made some changes from what I’ve heard (File paths and file formats or something to that effect)