Is Incursion Draft Only Now?

Is Incursion draft only now?

Please, say it ain’t so!

Does´nt the description say “featuring Incursion and Meltdown” ? Or is it different on PS4?
Maybe its a daily/weekly queue-change…

(Not ready downloading yet, but saw a screenshot of the new mode select screen)


Description for what?

The description of the mode, aka the little text explaining the mode under the modes headline. Arghhh, can´t find a pic…

Is it?!?!?


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Good question - I have a feeling that it won’t be but I also have a feeling that they are angling to make draft a permanently fixed game mode.

Keyword “I have a feeling”

EDIT - reading the description of the versus draft, I am now almost positive they are angling for draft to be permanent in some way since they are implying that “one will need X amount of characters to play in draft”. This would mean they are using access to Versus Draft as a major carrot for purchasing enough heroes to get a new buyer of BB out of “FTP” status. Seems like versus draft will be initially locked for brand new adopters of FTP BB and it seems that FTP BB adopters will have access somehow to well less than 14 characters to begin with.

Them throwing in the “competitive” phrase for the description further shows this marketing point (can it be any more obvious) thay they are angling for “competitive” player to be spurred to upgrade out of the bare bones FTP.

Bet you that they will be putting all those “low gravity” and other “fun” modes they were demoing out to good use for the FTP segment though.

Would be great if we finally got back to individual queues

We can dream

Incursion is in Quick Match as well and Quick Match is now RNG with no voting. I feel like they do this every update and every time they end up reverting it after realizing everybody hates it. I really hope we can get a population spike to support an additional queue because as of now this is pretty brutal to anyone who prefers a mode other than Incursion. Face Off is my favorite mode and I can now only play it on a 25% chance RNG gives it to me even if the majority of the players in the lobby want it. If I don’t have 30 minutes to spare in case Incursion is selected, now I can’t queue up at all whereas previously I only needed about 15-20 for Meltdown. Frankly I flat out don’t enjoy playing Incursion with randoms because of how important team comp is so with Incursion being in Quick Match I feel like I can’t solo queue anymore. I hate to be that guy complaining after the update because I love what we got in the update so far, but I hate this queue decision more than I like this update.

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Maybe this is only a temporary solution for the moment.

I’ll wait for the stream later to find out more about the big plan and after that I’ll give it some time and watch the development of it.

Can’t get worse than it it already was on PC and worst case, there’s still the chance to maybe find someone in Discord, etc., if I want to play a specific mode or I just continue playing private bot matches …

On Xbox we go from about a 50-50 split of Face Off and Meltdown in one queue with a 100% Incursion in the other queue to a 25% chance for all modes (including Incursion) in one queue and a 100% Incursion in the other. It’s a step backwards for mode diversity and a major step backwards for player choice. The total queues stay the same so there isn’t a queue time benefit to offset or justify that. I get why they took away voting, because Incursion dominates the voting otherwise and we end up with two Incursion queues (just like how we had three Incursion queues after the Winter Update). Simple solution: don’t put Incursion in Quick Match and bring back voting. If people want to play Incursion, they can do it in draft which imo is by far the most fun way to play it (or we could just go back to QM/Incursion, the queues were better yesterday than they are today) and if people want to play other modes they get to do that too. If 7 people in a lobby want to play Meltdown for example, there’s no reason to force them to play Capture just because RNG said so. All that accomplishes is it makes the game less fun for the players who don’t get the chance to play what they actually enjoy about the game. I like having draft as a permanent fixture, but it’s not worth it if it comes at the cost of tying people’s ability to enjoy the game into a 25% chance RNG says they can play what they actually enjoy. Forcing people to sit through content they don’t want for a chance at the content they do doesn’t feel like a sustainable business model to me.

I was trying to say that it could possibly change very soon again and they might hold back some stuff for the stream later. I still remember the day when we only had Bots Battle as “PvP” on PC for a while …

The new quick match is an improvement for people like me who like some diversity. In private games (but also the few public games I played) it only was Incursion for the last months. Don’t mind playing it, but I like the other modes too.

If the update helps to increase playercount, I might even solo queue in there again …

We have a different view on this game :wink:

It’s an improvement for diversity on PC perhaps, but a downgrade on Xbox where diversity was already a thing. I’m not sure it actually is a different view, since I’m concerned this change has a negative impact on diversity (I’m anticipating a lot of queue dodging when people don’t get their mode considering that’s what has happened every other time they’ve gone to this system). I noticed yesterday when queueing up for Quick Match it actually specifies “5v5” which I imagine is a hint for Supercharge’s imminent arrival so I guess we’ll see how that shakes things up

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Haven’t looked at the choices on PC, but if it’s the same on here they may just have synchronized it to a common denominator to make presentation easier later. It’s nice when you don’t have to talk about each platform separately.

Maybe we get an announcement that gamemode specific queues will be turned on dynamically, if playercount allows it or something like that.

I’ve been patient long enough, I can wait a few more hours now.

Seems to be, which is a HUGE PROBLEM.

Incursion is the game mode that MOBA community wants.

I’ll never ever ever understand the design decisions that lead to Incursion as a pickable option being removed - hell up untill the game truely tanked, it was the mode that was played the most.

I don’t want to sit in a queue and end up playing a mode that I don’t like. Let us pick and choose!

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Sounds like Versus Draft would suit you fine then. That is incursion, albeit with a draft mode.

I would like it to be permanent. So I can vote for the atikkus monster. Stupid buff. Love for akkus!! ha! , this is a orgasms now hehe. maybe one more slot for vote will be nice haha (yes of course, its more probabably buff orendi skills than that hoho)

Yes, the only problem is this;

It requires 14 active heroes to be able to participate in.

F2P players have access to 6.

This means that only the old guard will be able to play it = Everyone hates waiting so goes with the shortest queues = We have to sit and hope to be lucky to play the mode we want. This is not a solution.

So it’s back to the drawing board with this current setup.


i prefere waiting than a posttraumatic stress haha

I just played incursion in a quick match

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Only the old guard will play it? Strongly Disagree there.

There will be a large base of new and returning blood immediately injected into Versus Draft to make the versus draft queue way quicker than it’s been in months (and hopefully over time, even faster than ever). So enjoy your speedy queues in Versus Draft.

You will feel the returning people in the Versus Draft queue immediately and (over time / shortly) you should feel the newcomers in the queue as well.