Is Infusion as good skill to invest a few points in?

I’ve heard conflicting reports that the skill may not work as intended. For those who have played Amara and have used the skill, is it one that should be invested in or ignored?

It may be useful while leveling early on before you have good elemental weapons, but I don’t really see the point in using it once you reach higher levels.

The bug causes the DOT procced from Infusion to overwrite the DOT from your weapon, if you use the same element as your weapon.

Before release of BL3 I figured it would be great to put a point into Infusion to synergize with Conflux, but it turned out that Infusion is bugged and Conflux outright sucks, so that didn’t go as planned.

infusion is great if you like to run jakobs or want 2 elements at once. i’d stay clear of using it if you weapon have the same element though.

I used infusion until I got to the top of the tree and got Forceful Expression. So, Infusion takes part of your damage and overwrites it with the element. Which is cool when you have a Jakobs, and it helps break a shield…but if it converts your fire damage to shock on flesh…you’ve lost some damage too.

Forceful Expression ADDS elemental damage on top. Bonus damage :slight_smile: I tried to ask the forums if anyone thought there was a point in keeping Infusion once you got FE. The…it was a weird response that day.

Its an all or nothing skill. If you are already using element matching guns, then its wasted points. But if you are using Jakobs/Radiation/Cryo weapons, the dps buff is extremely dramatic and its totally worth 5 points. So it really depends on your loadout and what you plan to do with it.