Is Iron Bear good now?

Now this is a great idea! Let Moze keep all of her damage, AND then add some benefits on top for being inside IB!

I’d have watched it. I watched your entire video so that I could understand your position. Believe me, I’m at the top of the list of people hoping for a good IB build that can play at the highest level available to Moze.

To clarify, are you saying that you did solo Wotan with IB?

This has not been my experience. In my current build of Moze, I can get to Wotan on MH4, solo, consistently, but I cannot kill him solo. Wotan’s mobs become too much and over-run my build. I’ll slowly find better gear, and may be able to solo him at some point in the future.

I like that you do your own thing. I try to do my own thing too. It would be impossible for me to copy the builds on YouTube, I’d never find all of that gear.

Thanks for the response, and much respect.

So I didn’t kill Wotan in the video for the reason I mentioned. I appreciate that you would’ve watched that entire fight, but my reasoning stands.

What I said was this is a mayhem 4 takedown capable build, which it 100% is.

You wouldnt want to fight Wotan in Iron Bear because IB isn’t that great at bossing in the first place and it deals primarily Incendiary and Kinetic damage, both which are reduced by Wotan’s massive shields and armor.

Can you kill Wotan with this build? Absolutely. Any gun that is meta and good on Moze still works in this build.ASE anoints still work all the same, except now IB won’t instantly die when you hop out and you’ll be able to do damage while in it.

You still have to use shock and corrosive against Wotan, Iron Bear doesn’t have good weapons for either. Can you take his armor down and mob with mini gun? Yes. Raging bear would probably be best (and I didn’t have one at the time of filming that segment), but you still need shock for his shields.

So yes you can, no it won’t be impressive or revolutionary for killing him faster.

Agree with a couple of caveats:

— You can always use a Tank Girl or Best Master to avoid specing that far down the DW tree (which saves you at least three skill points plus whatever you would invested in Vampyr).

— If you use the fire rails with Mendel’s multivitamin and the bubble shield, you will always run out of fuel before enemies can chew through 50k shields and 120k health.

The other way GBX could fix that is have IB’s gun’s proc Short Fuse.

Have you tried speccing down the demo tree and using splash damage weapons on IB ? Dual rocket pods or explosive mini guns ?

Seems to me you are getting your conclusions speccing into either BM or SOR trees, in which case either marginally improve IB.

IB at his current state is a total beast IF you spec down demo tree and ALL splash damage and vampyre skills maxed out (except maybe Torgue cross) , and I can tell you I clear slaughter shafts on mayhem 4 with him easier than I do just moze .

I have no idea what hes like when not speccing into demo tree and using splash weapons exclusively to heal. My intuition is that he dies in 5 seconds tops but I never tried, all I can tell you is that I play on M4 exclusively and IB is a wrecking machine

Oh and as for my cooldown , Its 41 seconds.

Depends on how you play him, positioning, how long you pilot vs use Autobear, etc. I use 11 points to get autobear and will fire a few sabot rounds and let his bubble appear before I jump out. During that time I can kill a few trash very easily. He’s still quite strong. If u use a blast master mod, despite being speced in SOR, you can still give him heals and the sabot rounds get splash bonus. It’s really really strong as a hybrid model

to be honest i tend to only use ib when im in a oh crap situiation i run a moze build that use the transformer sheild and hex grenads for sustain and get huge buff to dmgs thru lost health and so far not to much trouble

I was playing tonight and my first run with IB (TVHM M0) resulted in <10s cooldown (when I noticed, the countdown was already at 5s). But then I have a highly esoteric (some might even say erratic) build with no capstones in any tree. I seriously doubt it would be viable at M4, but being able to fire up IB again that fast makes TVHM a blast.

Did you recently respec that run? 5 seconds seem to good to be true!

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That’s where the timer was when I noticed it, but that wasn’t too long after the end of IB which is why I estimated 10s. It was a long run with a LOT of explosive/splash skills, and I have points in the skill that speeds up cool down rate. Dense mobs of Maliwan enemies + homing rockets alternating with fire minigun. And then ~10% action skill cool down GR perk as well. I’m dubious you’d get similar results on high mayhem levels simply because you wouldn’t get the cool down on kill bonus as often.

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I get those cooldown times aswell, only when i respec. Which is why i asked! I’ve tried builds were i stack CDR as much as i can (shield + relic + COM + GR + skills + weapon) and i’ve not been able to get a sub 20 after full use yet.

I wish i could make a IB centered build and be able to maintain 75% health annointment at all times after full use.

I’d love if they changed IB base cooldown to 1 min, so that stacking CDR could allow a near 100% uptime on IB.

Or change grizzled so it would reduce cooldown by 25s from kills at most without DR.

Does the hex heal Moze through Vampyr again? I thought that didn’t work anymore which is why everyone switched to purple tracker grenades

You sure its not the respec bug?

I did not respec. I think I did pop out of IB before the end of the duration. I will have to do another run and see exactly what’s going on, because the short cool down definitely surprised me.

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Depending on how early you got out it could mean a lot. Exiting early returns a significant amount of cooldown. With no Explosive Punctuation and no Cooldown on gear and no Grizzled. It’s about 12s with just Topped Off if you enter/exit right away.

Except this was after clearing pretty much the entirety of Athenas Marketplace with IB, so it was not a quick in-and-out situation. What it was, was a heck of a lot of fun! As I said, I’m intrigued now to try it again and see exactly what’s going on. That won’t be for a good 10 hours at least though.

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This is very strange.

I have a ton of cooldown too. 30% when kill enemies annointment, 10% guardian rank, topped off guardian perk. I dont have anything in explosive punctuation or grizzled though but cant imagine them doing that much to get cooldown to 10 secs. Interesting