Is it a bad thing that

… I have 9 pack mules carrying almost 300 items (Legendary, Pearls, Effers, Eridian, and super rare purple/blue items all varying from level 0 to OP10), and that I made a spread sheet in Excel to track everything, including the name of the item, level, element, item type, stats, and where the item is being kept (including whether the item is in the character’s inventory or bank)?

I only play Axton BTW.

In case you were wondering, my rarest items are:

  1. A purple Akaline Shield made by Tediore (OP10) with a 1.09 recharge delay and recharged rate over double what the shield capacity is.
  2. A Hive (level 72) that I wasn’t even farming for and got.
  3. A perfect Sham with 94% absorb chance (level 50).
  4. A perfect Twin Hornet that is DRUM ROLL level 0! (Knuckle Dragger dropped it for the pack mule character the first 5 minutes as I played through to Sanctuary).

I have four Mayas because I’m too lazy to respec, so I don’t think nine mules with random loot is so bad lol


Sounds pretty much like me but much much more organized.
Sometimes I get on my krieg or axton just to discover I’d packed them full of loot for gaige because I was too lazy to run a new character all the way to sanctuary, and then I load up Maya because I’m still too lazy to do it.


Yea having the ability to just start a new character at level 30 with the story almost done is so much better. You just have to go kill the Warrior and then talk to Claptrap. Way faster than playing from the start of the game to Sanctuary, and you start with a bigger backpack, the bank already open, and you get a bunch of Eridium from the Warrior so you can carry way more stuff.

I made the spreadsheet because I kept losing track of who had what, and how good the item was. Now when I find something I can just check the spread sheet to see if it’s even worth taking. This is particularly helpful when I find class mods or relics, and it seems their stats can vary wildly and a low level one might even be better than a high level one.

I probably have every type of class mod for Axton you can get at 72 or higher, including blues with +6/+5 stats that will have the same prefix but boost a different +5 stat. The only class mod I don’t have of every version are the magic Ranger ones from Tiny Tina DLC ( I have like 6 or 7 of them still).

I also got Hide of Terra (50), Breathe of Terra (72), Blood of Terra (72). I tried farming Terra for an op10 Blood but he NEVER drops me anything. Probably killed him 50 times at OP10 at this point. Never gives me squat.


Terra is always super stingy, but only for the item you currently want.
When I went for his head for Maya, he gave me several of every legendary drop first. And then when I found out he has body skins as well he gave me that head twice before I finally got lilac combatant. Cheeky bastard he is


I just want an op10 Blood of Terra for that 1.8% health regen. Literally don’t even need it, just want to have it at this point LOL.


I just organized my loot yesterday and this is how my collection looks like. I have
Loot Normal (1-30)
Loot TVHM (31-50)
Loot UVHM (51-71)
Loot 72
Loot 73-79
Loot 80 AR
Loot 80 Pistol
Loot 80 SMG
Loot 80 Shotgun
Loot 80 RL
Loot 80 Sniper
Loot 80 Grenade
Loot 80 Shield
Loot OP Levels
Loot OP10
CM Maya (all levels)
CM Sal (all levels)
CM Axton (all levels)
CM Gaige (all levels)
CM Krieg (all levels)
CM Zero (all levels)
Loot Relics (all levels)

I have 22 characters as storage. alone, lol

That is why the game prompted me to delete some after i downloaded the new DLC. lol


You only have one of each character!? Blasphemy!

Need more Axtons and Gaiges lol


that is my storages only, lol. I deleted all my characters (because of the pop up message) except for te level 80 ones.

Also, if you pre-order that BL3 advertisement will go away :wink::wink:

I’m too rubbish to have mules so I just load up my playable characters lol. It’s very inefficient :sweat_smile:

I’m pre-ordering a hard copy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Still no :frowning: It can still be done I’m certain, had him under 1/4 too many times, but you need eight midgets now he just has too much health and DR to kill with only four.

Lol that edit being above your comment is weird haha


did you bloodsplode vorac already?

I made Mule #56 a couple of weeks ago…


Nice gibbed item :wink:


Is it a bad thing that when I read the OP the first thing I thought was “Carlton makes that number look paltry?” :wink:


Honestly, I am waiting for @RavenOfArisia to join this thread…


Hehe, I was restraining myself.

148 backpack characters (out of 158 characters, the other 10 I play regularly) and more than 3,700 legendary, pearl, and uniques being carried and tracked. Each backpack character slot-machines enough eridium for 27 backpack and 16 bank slots).

But I’m not a hoarder, I’m a discerning collector.


I’m such a failure at efficient hoarding. I keep all kinds of shinies at all sorts of levels, but I have no mules or any discernible organization system set up. This of course leads to way too much time loading up toons to check backpacks and safes. Oh well. Join me in mourning the loss of my sanity and time.


I have enough mules on another account that I’m unable to create more as the game tells me I have to delete someone to start a new one.

The vast majority of my mules carry end game stuff. I have very few early-mid game items in my collection. That used to be 72 through op8. Now it’s 80 through op10 and I’ve been clearing out my old stuff to make space for the new.

Unfortunately my system of keeping track of who has what is pretty poor. Sometimes I’ll name a mule appropriately so I have an idea what they are carrying. Most times I just have to go through them to find what I’m seeking. It’s a headache. I did start a spreadsheet about 6 months ago but I didn’t keep up with it. I have so much stuff that I’ll never use or probably even see again. I do think I’m going to do screen captures of their backpacks for reference at some point…maybe.


Notes on the collection;
There are some non-uniques in the collection. I also collect Cat comms above 70% SMG damage, and sniper stockpile relics, I have a lovely lvl 73 stockpile with 60% boost in sniper, SMG, and pistol, love it.
This is not all the legendaries etc. I’ve found. I do not keep things I’ll never use, like Madhaus’s, Bunnys, Unforgivens and the like. And dup level-same gun with worse stats (or a slag Lyuda under lvl 50) get sold, I expect I’ve sold more than 1,000 legendaries.
And of course these are the full gamut of levels, from lvl 1 Hornets on up. Since I am usually taking a character through all story modes at every level they can have a full set of legendaries. Technically un-pure for 1Lifing, but I know if I didn’t pass gear along I’d just end up farming it (I like farming) so may as well save a few hours.
I do not use a spreadsheet. As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been a programmer for more than 40 years. In 1981 when I was playing Wizardy obsessively I wrote the first tracker program (app to you kids) to keep track of notes and map locations. I’ve updated it constantly since then (first in 6502 assembly, then 68000 assembly, then C, now Objective-C) and added a new module for each game I played for more than a month.
And no you can’t have it. Two reason;

  • I don’t do tech support. It’s got weirdness and glitches that I understand and don’t bother fixing, just work around them, you wouldn’t want to.
  • Again, it’s got everything still. I don’t think you want a SimCity 2000 optimum zoning-water distribution module, or an Oblivion efficient level calculator and tracker. But I do just in case.
    And the case sometimes happens. A few years ago I downloaded a Apple ][ emulator and a Wizardy disk image and play that occasionally. Good to know what map coordinates Murphy’s Ghost is at nearly 40 years later. Side note: Murphy’s Ghost could be considered the first farmable mini-boss, he was always in the same room, was relatively easy to kill, and gave lots of XP, great for leveling a new character up.

Things I learned since joining this forum…

There are different levels of looting and keeping track:

  • casual collecting
  • organised collecting
  • highly organised collecting
  • Raven Of Arisia

I usually sell the NVHM stuff when it’s outleveled and start keeping legendaries and uniques with the right parts in TVHM