Is it a bird? is it a plane? is it COV? how does COV compare to other factions?

Just a thought COV should be more in line with other opposing factions. why?

here is a game play vs animals/wildlife vs maliwan vs COVass

now it could be that i suck… do i? be my guest

but holly smokes are they light years stronger than any other opposition in the game? much bigger badass/unique enemy density smaller amount of trash mobs, better shields than other factions, more armor than other factions, 100% more rockets and sawblades that you can barely dodge, what else hmmm yes the purple dudes who are all friendly.

could it be that 3-4 head shots on 130% on swap double kill skills stack monocle on a regular badass is too much? naaah amara don need dat.

I warned about that right in the second week of the game, warning that after M3 this will be way out of whack.