Is it a bug or do I miss something?

(Flesh Crunch) #22

Yeah cloudkill is just too overpowered :joy:
I always find the cat classmods a little bit to strong in the early playthroughs too. When you are lucky and find a plasmacaster it’s over for everyone in your path :smile:

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Yeah, what he said. Its too overpowered. But they HAD to nerf kunai instead of this, or money shot. And what you were saying with the cat class mods… I got a lvl 13 bitch with maya as a random drop from a buzzard. Hoo boy, i was happy. Combine that with wreck and no one can stop you.
except the ones you cant phaselock and stuff but whatever

(What does it all mean!?) #24

it’s overpowered early game…it’s fine late game, you’re not one hitting bandits with a horrible white slag pistol 5 levels below like you can early game with it… late game it’s just one of Maya’s many DPS skills and I don’t think anyone’s relying on that the way people rely on money shot chains


At OP8 it’s still overpowered. I’d personally like to see it at about 2/3 it’s current level. I find it’s a crutch, but at the same time it’s too good to spec out of. Quite the conundrum indeed.

(Is this thing on?) #26

Cloud Kill got the OP buff it got in compensation for all the years it was essentially useless. Seems fine to me! corrosive :skull_and_crossbones:

(MrStraw) #27

Yeah, I agree with you, it is way too overpowered. Here is the list of missions it made impossible to complete: the one i mentioned when you just need to damage hyperion robots to call for help, the hyperion contract mission where you need to kill bandits with different type of elemental damage, the headshot the player mission in tiny tina’s rpg, and the get to crush the drunken dwarves mission. And I’m below the level of the mission and i still kill the dwarves with one shot.


Also the Medical Mystery mission :grimacing:

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Again if you kill enough loaders, assuming you mean the part in WEP, the door will open without you needing to cripple the loaders

(Isthiswill) #30

Probably ruins *rimshot" You Are Cordially Invited: Get Fleshstick too.