Is it a thing now that some groups just pick face-off to stomp noobs

I just experiecend a couple of matches, where at least 4 people vote for face-off, which is quite rare imo. Then the enemy team proceeds to use the whole time of face-off to snowball and try and kill noobs.Nobody tries to contribute shards. Althoug all of them had enough shards to finish the match.

It’s a very bad attitude to new players. I’m glad that I hard-carried some of the matches, so that at least some of the matches were won with like 10 kills on our side and 30 on the enemy team.

Have you also expericend this stuff? I never saw more than 2 peope vote for faceoff.

Mostly what I have seen is that teams will pick face off or capture when they match is going to be one sided. Mostly it is so the match can be over sooner. The mode types lend themselves to being more TDM so people can get out of control.

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These modes are made for TDM. Especially Capture. The maps are also designed in a way that forces fights that you can’t escape if you don’t win them, there is no safe base to run to.

I only hunt for challenges when I happen to play Face-Off - Deposit 200 Masks and Kill Mi’zigi still remain elusive… Of course these challenges mean that I too stall matches to try and get to both of the boss fights and enough time to collect all the necessary masks. Some people happen to use this time to go for other challenges, whatever those may be.

All motives people might have to vote on these modes we can’t know. But I refuse to blame players on bad game design choices the devs have made.

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Unfortunately, this sort of toxicity is common in this game, which would be crappy in any case but with such a small playerbase it’s just awful.

But there’s also a fault in the design. Just look at the way Face-Off is laid out, you can easily win just by killing and spawn camping, the same is true for Capture, poor design.

If you want a shot at winning Face-Off, or at least holding your own and punishing griefers, when solo, pick Orendi and just power level hard on the Varelsi. Almost every match with Orendi I hit level 10 before the second boss fight, then it’s five minutes of Pillarstorm after Pillarstorm. You may die a lot in the leveling process, but if they’re chasing kills then you’ll likely be the first to hit level 10 and Orendi is one of the fastest levelers in the game due to her incredible wave clear. Punish the griefers!

This wont work as well if the opposing team picks a bunch of heavies, but you should still pick up a few multi-kills. And don’t forget to call bots when you have spare shards to harass their lines and weaken enemies for you.

I am aware of these design failures, but I was just curious if this is a new trend, cause I saw it happen with different teams.

There should be more than one shards collector points or some sort of automatic function, like you gain a certain percentence of shards automatically to your score, if you survive with them for a certain period. That would ensure, that the matches are over faster. There’s a reason, that there is no classical team match.


And, sadly, we don’t exactly help to alleviate the stomping problem…

Certainly not, this has been happening since day one on Paradise and all of Capture.

I think there’s a difference between experienced players casually winning a slow match and teams deliberately griefing new players. When last I was on some of us just stood around taunting and leading chases around the map, hardly the same as “stomping” noobs.


In my last face off, thats exactly what happened.

I ignored the enemy unless they decided to attack me. I deposited 328 masks…

My team was lvl 4-5 the enemy 3-4 varelsis killed 3-7 so… Just ignore ppl, kill varelsis and get lvls.

The problem is that experienced teams often also try to group up and people. I think if they are this good they can 1 v 2 any new players. This is just my expericence. I mean I am an experencied player and can do that so they can too, I guess

To regulate stomping I thought of some sort of optional buffs at the spawn point for the newer players. Like 50% health/attack buff etc. you can choose it, if your overall level of team is lower than the other team. As a downside if you kill someone while buffed their respawn is reduced/halved. But you can always debuff yourself at your spawn point. Maybe that could be like a temporary

Or give new players a safe queue Or split the elo in 2 categories 0-20 and 20-100.

New players need a safe area to play :frowning:


Back when our red bar premade was still playing, we force voted Capture against low rank teams to make sure the game was over quickly.

Face Off is the game’s stompiest mode - rapid levelling to 10 and two “boss” fights that allow you get multi kills off the same player because respawn drops them right back to where you can promptly kill them again. Most of my quads are from Face Off. And even good players get stomped in FO if they’re up against a premade that can coordinate Varelsi farming.

That said, I also play Capture because it’s my favourite Mellka game mode. No ulterior motive.


I don’t know there are a lot level 100+ players who are as bad as level 20…
I don’t think players become better magically because they are now level 21. The Problem always is the same, if theres a queue for beginners there will be poeple, which hunt for easy kills.

The game design should change to solve that. Maybe players who got killed in a certain period of time many time are invulnerable for like 1 or 2 minutes. The best solution would be to tweak the matchmaking.

God Mode. Easily abusable.


I dont think so. Who will abuse that, if its only enabled if you have been killed a lot in short period. Even using God Mode after the minute it is guaranted, that you get killed at least 5 or 6 six times.

It is just a thought experiment and 1 minute is bascially nothing if you need to walk 15-20 seconds to battle and if the enemy sees you are invulnerable just waits the remaining seconds to kill you 5 or 6 times to do it again.

I mean who should abuse that? The Pros don’t die that fast and often to get the privilege and the newbies aren’t good enough to abuse it.

Except you absolutely can. 2 minutes is just enough to take down 2 sentries. No matter how bad you are, if you can’t die you are, literally, unstoppable. This would be a ridiculous addition.


Than make it only invulvernable to enemy fire, that was my idea. The sentry, turrets and minions can still damage you. Besides that were just thoughts so no need to get this exciting about it.

Usually me and my crew pick face-off cause we find it fun. Attikus is always my go to for face-off, if we get matched up against low ranks I just farm varelsi and horde masks. I usually get to carry 300+ mask fairly quickly but because of that I become a marked target so the low ranks come chasing me down and following me everywhere attacking. I have to defend myself once they start attacking me, so that’s when I kill them. I find that to be a justifiable way to destroy low ranks without having to feel guilty of “stomping noobs”.


I know what you are saying. Sometimes in meltdown if I am playing alone against more newcomers in a lane I play more static than pushing. The problem is, that the people try to attack me and run into the shock turret, which often finshes them after they get some attacks from me.

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better then the 4 randoms i got today who, for the remainder of the 10 minutes or so went killing the entire newbie team as i sat in the middle waiting for it to end :v.

Level 100+ who play like level 20 are not the problem. It’s the people who really are below level 20. If you are level 100 you probably have gear and working knowledge of one or more characters. I’ve played alongside rank 1 players without load outs, in draft mode. That shouldn’t happen. You can’t just run the prologue and jump into draft. It shouldn’t even be an option until later. Throwing people of all skill levels together in this game is madness.

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