Is it a thing now that some groups just pick face-off to stomp noobs

I played with a thorn lvl 3 who wrecked the enemy team… No loadout and her ulting timing was crap but oh boy he/she/it could land charged crits like i have never seen before.

I played with a lvl110+ orendi who jumped infront of montana “leading the push” getting destroyed over and over and blaming the team for not following him to our death.


I have the same opinion, but i am only against a queue which only seperates the players ranks. In my opinion maybe seperates them after winning some matches(eg 20 or 30). You can get to level 20 by losing all pvp matches and still don’t have the neccessary experience.

I am more into an automatic queue, but I don’t know if it is technically possible. If you select a queue as a solo player you get queued only with solo players, the same would be true for groups.

I pick Face-Off, because I constantly get meltdow and I don’t like the new meltdown. Honestly Meltdown always felt more of a “noob-stomp” to me.

But yeah, for the Most part I try to make the matches as short and painless as possible when facing beginners(btw, I never like the phrase noob, sounds derogatory). Sticking to the objective and killing them when attacked(even if they are hording mask) or depositing mask(I don’t camp there).


The first match I played after I posted this I had a rank 2 and a rank 5 on my team in incursion. Fml

Every game mode is a “noob-stomp”. This game is hard to get into and new players struggle in every game mode.


^He’s right you know.

This happens in Capture and Face Off, people farm towards their Angel of Death in these modes a lot. As far as doing this against new players[quote=“blainebrossart1, post:26, topic:1557963, full:true”]
Every game mode is a “noob-stomp”. This game is hard to get into and new players struggle in every game mode.

Preach my brother, preach. I was going to add my two cents into it, but since the game has A) such a small community and B) a small dedicated community, the veterans are just really damned good at the game and know how to use the majority of, if not all of the cast to some extent. Couple both of these facts with the other fact that the players tended to group up to try and get some sort of competitive/coordinated play off and now the vets are just playing either to play or to mop up the last of their titles. New players, as is with all games of Battleborn’s type (overwatch, Paragon, etc) has a high learning curve and for new players to come in and complain about it or even vets to complain about it, the way i see it is this.

Gearbox make a matchmaking for ONLY lvl 1-30 players and then lock them out of this matchmaking at lvl 31. It gives ample time to experiment and learn the fundamentals against actual people that aren’t 5 man curbstomps into the dirt. Then, when those new lvl 31players join the ranks of competitive Battleborn, then they can decide if they want to stay with the game and get good or leave it. Honestly, this late in the game’s lifespan, especially with all the odd decisions Gearbox makes to “innovate and attract more players” which inevitably pisses off more people in its vet group than I think anyone cares to admit, worrying about quantity is meaningless. Just keep the players you got and keep the gameplay consistent. I would say one major update to make some much needed balancing changes and minor updates based on player’s feedback if there is anyone still playing two-three years after its original release date.

Then NEVER release your game next to anything by Blizzard ever again


Just turn in the masks and end the game… not need to carry that many masks then kill ppl with your crew


I don’t know if this type of noob stomping is a thing now or not.

But one thing I’ve learned from this game is that it absolutely SHOULD be. You should get the best players you possibly can together and then go at it: stomp noobs, farm casuals, drive away pveers, etc. Do this as much as you can to encourage people to just stop logging in.

AND THEN–someday Gearbox will hold a tournament based on this emaciated population and you can score some cash. KA-CHING!


I usually play solo or duo, many players got spoiled playing with equal skill lvl players to the point of not having fun with anyone under their standards.

Sometimes you win, some you lose, and it can get frustrating at times… Specially when you are in meltdown doing 1vs3 while your team cant handle 4vs2.


People don’t pick face-off to stomp new players because you can’t see their level.

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My friend, respectfully, all us vets KNOW that the Incursion Death Squads drive MANY newer / lower level players into Quick Match.

Maybe it’s just the term “Quick” that draws them in.

Oh, the sweet, cruel irony.

This is not to say that Death Squads of vets do not exist in Quick Match, but, it’s a pretty good bet, especially week days from 8-5, that half to 3/4s of your matches in Quick Match will be against players of lesser levels / experience.



That is a great adjective in a great post.

I can’t get a QM on PC right now, and it’s taking a long time to get a Bots Battle. Frankly, I blame the veteran players and their lust for schadenfreude, followed by Gearbox and 2K, for encouraging the “KA-CHING” over a real, sustainable sense of community.

And regarding the OP, I avoid Face Off now for this very reason. Heard a well-known PC player was bragging about 70+ kills in Face Off, by refusing to turn in masks. The toxicity is real.


I wouldn’t treat strategies like intellectual objects which can be stolen from you in the first place, but even is such is the case; How do you prove someone “stole” your strategy?

How can you tell he haven’t used it before you started using it?
How do you know he got it from you specifically?

After all, if the strategy in question is (and correct me if I’m wrong): “Farm masks and Attikus and defend yourself when attacked.”, then that’s an incredibly vague guideline which is something I do as well. And I did so before I got to play with Codarik or you. But that doesn’t mean that any of us “stole” anyone else’s strategy.

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