Is it acceptable for a character to have a score of 62 in a fair match?

The final score was 412 to 500, so it’s not like they were destroying us or anything.

But 25 kills, 12 assists and 3 deaths? That seems a little excessive. Can a dev confirm whether or not it’s normal for a character to have a score of 62 at the end of a match? That’s more than our entire team combined.

I’ve gone about 16-2 on my best game so far, and I’m far from the best player out there. Kills grant the most score in PvP if I remember correctly so having a score of 62 doesn’t seem farfetched. Why do you think that his score might not be acceptable? The game is based off of objectives and not score. Team score is only brought in when both teams have equal objective points at the end of the match.

Kills count as 2 points, assists counts as 1 point so yeah, it adds up.

Some people are very good at this game, I’m not, but I’m fortunate to play regularly with a couple of very good players myself and I’ve seen higher scores posted. A lot of people rock that Worthy of Song title, which is 25 kills, so clearly it’s intended to rack up at least that many :grin:


What do you mean by acceptable? That the opponent was not cheating? and did this legit? Or that this should be happening? Or something else?

It’s perfectly legit, I’ve had a score of 61 as Thorn, 20-0 with 21 assists, 58 with Benedict going 24-0 with 10 assists, 68 with El Dragón going 28-1 with 12 assists, 57 with 26-8 and 5 assists as Mellka, 63 with S&A as 27-5 and 9 assists, 58 with S&A as 26-0 with 6 assists, and many many more in the high 40s-low 50s that I did not screenshot.

It’s also expected for the game to be close, because in a blow out you don’t have the time to get so many kills. This often means that this player was carrying the team or something along those lines, or just was far superior in skill level


Your mistake is in thinking matches are fair.

I’ll have to find the screenshot but I played a meltdown match where our whole team was scoring 40-60 range and LOST by 10 minions.

Score was like 200-30 and we all had 10-20 kills.

Shows objective is most important!

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I’ve had 100+ before when I went undefeated with 36k and 12a with melka before

That would only be 84 using Battleborn’s scoring formula though…

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My best is 79 with phoebe.

But that’s the thing though, in a close match, shouldn’t both teams have high scores? I mean, it’s hard to call a match “close” when one team has a 0.4 K/D ratio and the other has a 2.5 K/D ratio. That certainly sounds like a blow out to me… :dizzy_face:

If the objective was to get as many kills as possible, then you are correct. However, the objectives are not kills, so “close” means close in terms of achieving objectives and not achieving similar K/D ratios. Kills are not the goal, but a means to control territory to complete objectives. That territory can be controlled with other strategies that involve fewer kills, however, and so you can have a close match without having similar kill numbers.

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If so, then there is a really insane challenge for Meltdown. Score 100 points in a single match from building minions.

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Normally if you’ve had more then 1 guy derping the enemy team, everyone will have around 40-47ish.

However, I’ve had several games where I’ve been 80-105ish.

Good god that kleese killed 85 minions.

It depends on what players are focusing on. If Team A is focusing on the objectives while Team B is focusing on killing Team A, then it can be a very close game (or Team A can even be ahead or win) while Team B is ahead in kills.

That said, from the score of the game, it looks to me like the opposing team was waiting out the game rather than trying to win, in order to let the Oscar Mike get 25 kills for the Title: Worthy of Song (so noted because the match ended with him having exactly 25 kills, the requirement for the title.) I could be wrong, but that’s what happened when I got the title myself … I realized I was close and my team stopped advancing in order to let me get enough kills for the title.

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looks like their ghalt poked his head out just long enough to score kills, while kleese and thorn held lane and mellka harassed. ha ha…noobs…

Considering there’s a title for getting 25 kills in a match, and that would be 50 points without assists, there’s no reason to ask Gearbox their stance on the issue.

Yup, it happens. Here is when it happened to me. But again, it is more about the match making being not gud than anything else.

This stuff happens all the time. Don’t know why we’re asking if it’s normal when it happens practically every other match.

Lol, I love playing Orendi, but I must be doing something wrong. I can’t even get that many kills against bots.