Is it against game rules for 2 full premades to communicate with each other?

Like, let’s say 10 people get together and make 2 full premades. Then those two groups sign up for public Capture which is practically dead on PC and then use the match to get some of the harder lore challenges like Toby’s double kill or Alani’s Riptide challenge. Would that be against the rules? I can’t think of any rule it could violate then again I don’t know if there is one it would “technically” violate. I don’t consider it cheating since no third party software would be involved

My question would be…how would anyone even know that they’re communication. I don’t think there’s an in game function to communicate across teams so any conversation would be outside of battleborn. So the question basically is “is it against the rules to talk to people about battleborn outside of battleborn while playing battleborn?”

I’m going to go out on a (thick, well-supported) limb and say no.


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It’s not really violating any rule it’s just lame and cheesy, you’d think this wouldn’t happen now seeing as they made the lore challenges much easier to achieve.

If they want to rob themselves of all sense of personal achievement, they can fill their boots, makes no odds to me.

This type of collusion has been discussed on the forums before and the consensus seems to be that this type of achievement/lore farming is ok because…reasons (look up the old posts on it if you really want to)… Though as the above folks pointed out, no one’s going to know and, if all 10 are in agreement, it’s not affecting anyone else who plays the game normally.

My take on this is,

if you can find 9 other guys willing to do so.
Then go right ahead.

Though you’ll rob yourself of achieving a certain lore “goal”, but if the gear is what matters more, then I don’t see why not.

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Considering that I’ve played almost 300 hours and still can’t get the Worthy of Song title AND I’ve only gotten 7/25 on the Alani Riptide Challenge the act of getting the lore isn’t so much important as the fact that I now have it.

is there any place on the GBX forums I could post to find people to do this?

mhh, found no topic in the forums here, but I think you have good chance to coordinate/organize it on the inofficial Discord channel.
Though I´m not sure if the Matchmaking throws your 2 groups together afterwards, I don´t know how that works internally…

But no, I don´t think its against any rules to find people to play with :slight_smile:

Back when the lore challenges were 25 kills every time came up against our friends in a game we would just lore challenge.

I mean go ahead and do it but now it just seems like undermining the worthy of song title if you are mentioning that. Personally though I wouldn’t do it just because I like to earn them. I guess I’m a little messed up in the head because I earned all 3 of the characters that need to kill 25 of the same people gal, alani, and whiskey before they patched it but then again for me it’s all about the grind. Do what you want I don’t think they are taking into account you guys actually cheesing it at all.

I would look into ways of completing some of these too since it is taking me 30+ minutes to find each match in the middle of Prime Time.

I don’t actually play the game much anymore since I can jump right into Minecraft or Star Trek Online and immediately start doing something.

I love this game and I should have much more than 260 hours, but I just cant stand the wait most of the time.

Well it turns out I won’t need to do premades to get the Worthy of Song title. Why? Because I just got it! 27 kills and only 8 deaths woot woot!

Well since Capture on PC is empty most of the time the MM system would have no choice but to pair our two groups up.

Pro-tip: if you’re on steam, set your download location to Siberia or something obscure. If all 10 of you do that, you are basically guaranteed to match up against each other.

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Worthy of song obtained normally either requires

  1. Really really reallllllly good skill. I only gotten it once (The lore requirement I mean, that is killing 25 players) with 27 kills and 1 death on marquis on monument. All my other matches highest kills were around 21-22 only.

  2. Realllllllly bad opposing teams. That above match I mentioned they died 50 times by end game. Half were by me.

  3. Opposing teams that don’t surrender. This is what gave me the 27 kills.

  4. Your own team doesn’t push and just let minions attack the sentry. I could have ended the match by the time I got 10 kills due to over level and minion kills (marquis hitting sentry crit spot is scary).

Those 4 stars above lined up for me in that match and managed to get it. Really luck based since its a skill based game afterall.

It’s a product of a small playerbase and, in some cases, annoying lore. I’ve mastered Kleese already, for instance. But I’m not going to sit here and tell someone else they can’t work with others to get the capture maps done. If they are doing it to get titles it’s pretty lame, but to get lore done, I don’t really blame them.

That damn double kill for Toby is killing me.