Is it better to run or fight?

I have been playing Whiskey almost exclusively for the past week, and I really like him. However, I have a really, really bad time with melee fighters, particularly Pendles and Galilea. They are always leaping out from the closet or under the bed or some such place (figuratively speaking) and killing me. Benedick is another one that seems to do this a lot, too. Since I have usually taken the first hit already, I have been trying to escape, but I am finding that Whiskey can’t outrun dick. Will adding movement speed or sprint speed help me to escape more often, or should I try to boost attack damage and fight it out?

Until level 7, run. Play as a sniper.

That is what I have been trying to do, but I seem to always get killed anyway. Do you think movement speed would be a good thing, or would sprint speed be even better? I also find that trying to play as a sniper works on only a few of the maps, like Paradise and Monuments. The others have such a restricted field of view that I can rarely finish a target.

Generally, I don’t got one on one with anyone unless it’s this scenario: My ult is up, it’s a “large” character or I know someone is relatively close.

WF is a stay back fella and as such you shouldn’t die much. He’s easily my highest KD person. I’m as ultra aggressive player as any and I’m way in the positive with him. Like 6 or 7 to 1.

I usually Melee, Pop ult/sprint, turn around and melt them.

I’m not great at PvP, but this tactic really worked well a few times… the rest of the time it failed miserably.

Try to stick to either the back line or have a character that can disrupt the melee trying to dump all over you. Dropping a sticky nade into them pretty much guarantees the melee a kill while keeping your ass out of the fire and oppressing the frontline

What usually works for Foxtrot: Quick Melee, Sticky Bomb with Weighed Down, run. If their health is low enough, kill them or force them to flee. Swiss Cheese or repeated Scrap Blasts also work.

Foxtrot is actually amusingly effective against melee characters because of the strength and knock back of his quick melee and the slowing effect of Weighed Down. It does reduce attack speed anymore so that should be kept in mind.
It’s incredibly effective at keeping melee attackers off of allies as well.

But the whole engagement is all about context. Are you alone? How much health do you have? Ow much health do they have? How much damage can they deal to you? Is the Scrap Cannon off colldown? Sticky Bomb?

The safe bet most of the time is to run if they’re already close to you but not close enough to hit you or if they’re hitting you.
If you’re confident and they’re far enough away (think approximately half the length of an Overgrowth side tunnel as potential danger zone for WF, the full length as open season) shoot them.

Was this useful to you?

Edit: Quick Melee a second time after they’ve been stuck to get them off your back if they’re close enough. If they somehow gap close after they’ve been stuck and slowed: you’re probably screwed because the slow is going to end shortly. So. Uh. Yeah.


I actually LOVE when I see a Pendles or Deande on the other team and I’m playing as Whiskey. When they try to come up on me I knock them back with Scrap Cannon and run for it (unless I have my ult, in which case it’s practically instant death for them). The trick is if I see a ‘cloak’ character on the other team, even if it’s Oscar Mike, then I stay close to my team and choose the reveal helix option for Scrap Cannon. Sure they can try and kill chase me, but it usually doesn’t work out for them once they are revealed. Many a Deande/Pendles have stopped targeting me once they’ve realized that attacking me reveals them to my entire team. I’ve also had many Kelvin/Rath/Attikus players tuck tail and run once I’ve hit them with that scrap cannon. With the right helix options it can truly send them flying across the map on a direct hit.

is that like 65% of the time, it works every time?

In general Play as a sniper/mid long guy +wound/stealth and slow foes, kill thrall camps and do shard runs in the downtime. when you hit level 7 and max gear you can go to town.

If you’really up against a melee heavy comp you might try flak back to knock the melee attackers off. It’s a sacrifice of the sticky slow but it might be worth it in the right situation.