Is it DirectX 12?

Does anyone know if this will be a DirectX 12 Game?

unlikely. dx12 has very little proper utilization at this point, i doubt a game in development for 5 years will have such an extremely new as of yet underused and under developed feature. most likely they will have dx 11 support as that is basically not industry standard

We use the Unity game engine, configured to support dx11 and opengl on PC, with dx9 fall-back when required.

P.S. System requirements are listed on Steam, though they don’t get into the DX versioning.

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I can’t record a video with NVidia Shadow Play… also it feels like the game runs on borderless fullscreen even if it just says “fullscreen”. When I change resolution it doesn’t have that transition flickering and nothing really changes.

We use a borderless fullscreen window for fullscreen mode. Exclusive fullscreen mode would likely work with Shadow Play, unfortunately it introduces a number of problems with Alt-tab and switching between programs, which is why we chose the method we did.

It is really sad to see that most new releases based on unity now reverts to ‘borderless fullscreen’ by default. This choice excludes so many awesome technologies such as automatic 3d vision, SLI/Crossfire , Gsync, shadowplay etc, as well as taking a performance hit and becoming reliant on windows desktop manager.

As I understand it, it is a problem with the way the unity engine cannot handle updates if it has been minimized in exclusive fullscreen mode, making network hosting prone to error. Since unity has decided to make this fullscreen mode non-default and non-changeable post compile-time, we can’t even override the setting to make things work. can’t blame the devs based on these conditions however, stability comes first.

hopefully unity will find a solution soon, was personally really looking forward to seeing HW Deserts in full 3d glory!

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