Is it enough to bring back old and keep new players?

After reading the patch notes, stream notes, etc… I am just curious what your opinions are about the Winter Update. I am excited about it for the UI and Legendary adjustments (even though more than half I do not own) however I am a bit disappointed in the overall character balance of things. I wanted more…

Is this Winter Update going to be enough to get old players back into the game and keep them around?

Is this going to even the playing field for new players?

Or is this going to be the final major thing they do and just throw a hotfix here and there until BL3 is released?

I just keep playing because I have friends who play and it gives me an excuse to chat/hang with them.
I have a decent amount of complaints about the game and after reading the patch notes I don’t think the winter update fixes any of them.


[quote=“mlemmon2, post:1, topic:1554388, full:true”]Or is this going to be the final major thing they do and just throw a hotfix here and there until BL3 is released?

Well, there’s at least 2 more ops missions to be released (Montana and the Demon Bear; Heart of Ekkunar) so I don’t think it’ll be the last big patch they provide (since I don’t think they’re including the assets for the last 2 ops yet).


If I remember correctly, someone said somewhere (maybe the AMA?) that they plan on another patch that will focus heavily on character rebalancing. So that implies they’ve got a plan for a least a little while, if nothing more than just the next patch.

And yes, still more DLC missions coming out.

(Also if anyone knows the source for what I’m talking about I’d be pleased, I’m trying to find it myself)


Yes to the first part. Not a lot. But you’ll see quite a few old faces. As to the second part of that question, it really depends on whether or not they do what I’m going to mention in the 3rd quote.

Once more players come in, it’ll filter out more newbie vs newbie matches. So in an indirect way yes. The MUCH NEEDED, OVERDUE, AND WHY THE HELL WASN’T IT THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE tutorial will definitely help out the transition for new players into PvP.

If I had to take a guess, you would see a free to try model which included a handful of unlocked characters. Limited space, command/character ranks, and possibly no PvE missions. BUT people love free stuff. It’ll bring in a lot of new blood and a lot of the poor matchmaking issues will fix themselves because of it. Combine that with the tutorial and people may actually spend some $$$ to upgrade to a full paid version. Once more people have the game, their friends will see them playing it. And they’ll try it out. Honestly, that type of model should have been out before the holidays when people had money to spend, but I’d take it later rather than never.


In the AMA, @gRANT_ said “One thing about character and gear balance… This patch focuses largely on features compared to previous patches where more characters were addressed. This patch also opens up character select to counter-picking so we expect to spend more time on character balance going forward. The metas will change, the character selections will change, and we’ll tune characters that need tuning.”


Thank you so much for finding that!

chances are both of those OPS will be in this one with a timed released like Attikus and Toby

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Was Toby’s op actually in the same patch as the Attikus one? I could’ve sworn that the Toby ops was in a later patch along with KU (the Toby ops still wasn’t activated for a few weeks; I’m just saying that I don’t recall them actually being in the same patch).

Still, having all of the assets for 3 ops missions, 2 of which we know next to nothing about because they’re still 1-2 months out (HoE is supposed to be in March, I believe) seems unlikely.

The Attikus patch was like 13 gigs or something like that. Its going to be interesting to see how large the winter update is going to be. Toby’s just popped up on release day with no update, and we only knew he had his mech suit stolen. I bet that KU was also in there. Some games get minor update installs, but BB does not. Rocket League seems to get the most that I own.

Its really hard to say though. The streams mentioned the storys of the ops because the HoE has phoebe and beatrix in the mix. Time will tell, what is there and what isnt there. But now that their are no new characters on the table it seems like it will be pushed rather quickly and hot fixes to follow to keep game running for as long as it can…

Of the 3 upcomings Ops, I think 2 will have their data in this patch. Number 3 is a no-brainer (Battleschool or something), 4th in early prep.

Stil, I do expect the patch to be huge, so I probably have to prepare myself to have my PS4 running the whole night to get it downloaded.

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Yeah I have already in my head that I will not be able to play more than just 1 OP run before I have to call it a night, due to being an adult with responsibilities.

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The change I think will help retain new players most is the reduction of visual noise. I got very excited to see that in the patch notes. Of all the complaints thrown at Battleborn, that was the one I thought most legitimate. It is very difficult for new players to keep track of what is going on. Combine that with more performance improvements and the tutorial and I think we will see a lot of new players staying.


It’s Bittersweet. they are adding things that should of been in here since the beginning.

  • Dojo
  • Training Mode
  • Backing out of character selection, avoiding having too many tanks etc.

Here’s to hoping these changes bring in a new batch of new players and keeping the current ones around.


Where is this mentioned and what does it mean exactly? I missed that info when I went through the patch notes yesterday Does it mean players will be able to leave he party on character selection screen without the penalty of waiting if the game starts anyway?

they mentioned on the stream that if you select a character you can back out and select someone else as long as there still time before the match starts, currently it ask if you want to leave the match and you are stuck with your pick.


Yep. On the top of that list are Galilea and M-M-Mellka. Oh Minrec I’m afraid

It was

That’s not how any of this works

Good point. Also, hello! Welcome to the forums! We’ll try not to feed you to Minrec!

It just means you can reselect as much as you want so if you pick a tank and everyone else goes assassin you can go Ambra to backline heal with no consequence

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It’s not enough without the proper advertisement for players to come back/take an interest, and maybe give free weekends for example, as well.


The buff to Montana makes a Kelvin main, me, very nervous. Montana already stops Kelvin in his tracks. This is not going to be good.

The legendary gear changes are cool but unfortunately it isn’t changing my load outs very dramatically.

Can’t wait to play Beatrix and to have her on my team, those buffs seem amazing.

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Montana was always a beast now he’ll still be a beast. Hp, damage reduction, damage, control he has it all