Is it even humanly possible

To bloodsplode Pyro Pete, Terramorphous and Vora in OP8?

Tried as hell, but nothing works. All videos I watched were about guys who had its K at lv61 or 72 (worked for me in 72 though with a lv20 Bandit biddy and a Rapier).

@Gulfwulf @Giuvito need your enlightment K-Masters.

To be honest, I’ve never tried, but it should be possible. The biggest difference between OP 0 & OP 8 is how much health you need to whittle down before you can pull off that maneuver. With Pete, once you get his shield down, you should be able to explode him. Vora and Terra are different stories. Hopefully Giu will have better insight because I don’t do raids very often.

I’ve Bloodsploded Pete on OP8 but never bothered to try Terra or Vora. It wasn’t easy, even when i had all the enemies lined up it’s really dependent on Pete being somewhere near the end of the chain. And getting a dozen enemies to comply is frustrating to say the least. No need to take out Pete’s shield first. The key is getting the enemies lined up. I used the standard melee strike from RtB.

I can consistently bloodsplode Pete on op8

Watch joltzdude139’s video on it, it does a good job demonstrating how to do it

Saw a video with a guy in OP8 bloodsploding Pyro Pete. Tried without visible results.

I rarely ever due raids without it being 2p.

The thing with Pyro Pete is you can theoretically Bloodsplode him in OP8 so long as you have not gone too deep in to his minions, and his shield is down. Also, as BookEmDano has said. It is difficult to get them all to sit down in one place.

There are circumstances for Vora where the Chief calls back the shield on to himself for a portion of time. This is by far the most reliable method of attempting to get a Bloodsplosion going. He may do so after he’s called out the minions. The most difficult part would be to stay alive between those periods of time.

As for Terra. I have never tried.

It is very possible to bloodsplode them all on op8 with Pete being the easiest and Terry being the hardest in my experience. It’s all about positioning of the enemies (or tentacles) and if they are all slagged or not.

Terra is by far the easiest to “keep em still” but it is so based on whether or not the bloodsplosion just reaches that far, that you would be fully right in saying that it is the hardest to get down. Especially with consistency.

It is like a hellish version of ring-around-the-rosie.

Out of my 600+ attempts at bloodsploding Vorac at OP8, I have only pulled it off 4 times. That being said, I was using a Love Thumper with crap parts and just over 1 million roid damage instead of a Hide. I had to wait and rely on a whole other wave of guys for the bloodsplosion to work. If I had a hide, it would be much easier. I cannot bloodsplode Pete yet, and Terra I saw bloodsploded only once at OP8. While you can bloodsplode Pete with a good enough shield, attempting to bloodsplode Voracidous will push your sanity to its limits.

It took me probably 30 or so attempts to do it the first time and after that it happened about every 20 tries or so. The key is to space them out so it doesn’t kill multiple in one explosion and instead lead a trail bac to vorac. Terry can be very random and I have only done it once and after that found it much easier to just kill him with hellborn.

What you need is:
-Rough Rider
-Legendary Sickle
-Low level Slag Crossfire (Go normal mode and buy it at the vendor - lvl 30 nd no its not a waste as its now my main grande)
-Melee Seraph Relic

What you need to do is
-Get in the arena :open_mouth:
-Spawn Pete
-Immediately run to spider valve and spawn them
-Throw 3 slag crossfires while you are running to the rat valve
-Spawn the rats and keep throwing slag crossfires
-Release the beast when you are low and wait for a sec so that all the mobs gather aorund you - including Pete
-Melee 1 and enjor the show:)

An explosive relic works better then a melee relic and I find the rats to be much better for the bloodsplosion as they pop out of the pipe just as each explosion happens.

Little note : except for the glory, i would not recommand to farm Pyro Pete with Bloodsplosions !
See this thread :

And his first drop is crap…

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You don’t need the Rapier if you’re going to kill him during BXR because Krieg puts away his weapons when he goes into rampage mode, so you won’t get the melee bonus from the rapier. I’d got with a Florentine instead so you can slag and shock Pete while you’re waiting for your health to get low enough.

Just installed Digi-peak now my Gaige, Maya, Zer0 and Krieg are lvl 61, and was going to start hunting tubbies for legendary coms, do I risk loosing the com to a Bloodsplosion as well when hunting with Krieg ? :open_mouth:

Bloodsplosion is so frickin badass that it even Bloodsplodes loot.

But seriously, no. Bloodsplode away.

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Also just got a legendary binder for my Siren in between my question and your answer :blush: !

Not sure it was from Splosion though, I was hacking away at the tubby and was surrounded so either I critted him with a regular melee attack or it was another smaller spiderant around that took a hit and did a Splosion, but will all the numbers and fire and blood splatters and all going around, I can’t tell for sure… Was when the smoke cleared I found the com : really happy !

Awesome, awesome class mod for Maya. Congrats.

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Was the exact one I was looking for on top of that, played her to test a binder lvl 61 build a little earlier.

3 more to find now, Legendary Sniper, Legendary Sickle, though for Gaige I’ll stick with the original Legendary Mechromancer I think.

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My favorite build for Maya.

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