Is it hard to play "Normal" after playing TVHM/UVHM

I know your near their levels but I just find it hard to play Normal again after getting a taste of other difficulties. Ah it’s just leveling up a level 1 character is such a drag at times lol.

I’m currently playing a new Zero and just reached level 31 in normal and still haven’t done Arid nexus/Boneyard yet (the Moxxie XP relic comes in handy for something in normal…). I’m using this opportunity to fool around with builds and weapons that I usually ignore, like using Law & Order for melee kills, using the Scorpio and Buffalo, trying the Love Thumper. etc. I also look at the details of the game more like: did you ever notice Tiny Tina has mismatched socks and shoes? Or that the bridge in Eridum Blight that’s broken in normal is repaired in UVHM?

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Wait, really? I wasn’t hallucinating after all!

Normal mode is a great way to get a feel for your character if you’re new to it. Each character also has different playstyles, so messing around with that in NVHM is a bit easier than having your ass handed to you in UVHM just because you don’t understand a characters mechanics. And, as @Carlton_Slayer says, it’s also fun to use guns and gear that you normally don’t use in UVHM.

Do you mean the one opposite and slightly to the left of the fast travel (near the entrance from the Dust)? If so, I always thought the centre span dropped into place once you hit a certain point in the story mission sequence. I will have to check that out - I still have one or two characters who haven’t got that far in UVHM yet.

Alright, I suppose I’m the only one on this boat lol it’s fine. You all make good points, I just really hate being limited to Normal mode…never been a fan of unlocking harder difficulties by just finishing the game over and over again. Though for this type of game, I suppose that’s the best choice they had.

Nah, you aren’t the only one. I have multiples of some characters just because i wanted to do a playthrough and build a character with a totally different style, e.g. a dedicated sniper zero. I would have preferred a simple start up in TVHM. On brand new characters the first pt is kind of fun to learn the tree and style, but i still would have started in TVHM if i could have.

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I start from scratch all the time, not only does it not bother me at all, I enjoy building everything up with a character from lv. 1

Besides, it’s not like you will die for sure if you go back to normal mode! I know people that complain about the opposite, that OP levels are too much punishment and they don’t quite enjoy

There’s even the thread “100 ways to stay alive in UVHM” right in this section! Because sometimes people find that mode the most frustratng of all

Wait really? people complaining about the Hard difficulty is too hard for them? I don’t understand…I’m someone who is always looking for a challenge, first time playthroughs (when I’m able too) are always set on the hardest difficulty.

Games now a days are way too easy :confused:


I know right! But whatever… people these days look for monotonous button mashing and fast as f*** leveling up with no effort at all

Hence mods, power leveling, exploited glitches and so on…

Only game series I started a new party/character on the Hard setting from the beginning is Crusaders of the Dark Savant. On Hard it gave you two of every mini and main boss, as well as generally harder random encounters. Imagine fighting 2 of Terra, Bunker, Pete, Warden or Hyperious at the same time… :smile:

I wish you could do that in a massive multiplayer game with like 16 players

Ugh now your talking about some kind of MMO kind of boss fights…something I don’t want Borderlands to become >.>

Pre-Sequel’s ending scares me that they’re thinking the next game will become an MMO
And you will need all the Vault Hunters you can get.