Is it just me? Did the whole game get hard?

Ok, so before the update I was max level I’m over 150 guardian rank. Well my ps4 had corruption of data tried it all had to do factory reset. Well, PlayStation plus apparently held everything but my Fl4k character all of my skins all my guns just no character. As I start over it seems harder then it was when I completed other two times normal mode seems more like TVHM. Os is this just me and losing mind after 8 days in-game time lost.

I played Zane as my first character and it was hard.

Guardian ranks are disabled after last week’s patch. That loss may be what is making the game feel tougher for you.

I was start the game with zane, and it was hard in the beginning, i was now at my tvhm mayhem 3 walktrough and it is FAR more easier than first normal playtrough

Theres only 1 thing i can reccomend; Backups!! When i got the update, it also tried saying my user settings were corrupted. Turns out that was just the data changed from the bank upscale, but still scared me. Now i create backups more often just incase to usb; - not a fan of cloud storage