Is it just me or are there virtually no multiplayer matches

Serious question, I have not seen anyone complaining about not being able to find a game. I’ve only seen maybe two, total, matches pop up for selection in the matchmaking screen today. I suppose I’m just shocked at the number, I figured there would be a lot more players than this. Am I experiencing a bug perhaps, or is no one playing because of Badass Rank?

Also, I wasn’t sure if I should post this in Tech Support or not, because I really don’t know if it’s a bug, or server issue, or just low player count. Anyone else experiencing the same thing?

Same thing… even on level one

ran open for a couple hours at OP3.2 players 1 for 5 minutes the other for a hour,never saw anybody in lobby, oh,one xbone

I’m on the PS4 and it’s the same way. There have been a max of 3 games going on on the matchmaking screen. I’ve been running around for a few hours with online public on, and nobody’s joined either.

On metacritic, there’s only 11 reviews for PS4 and 2 (TWO) reviews for Xbox One. There’s only 81 user ratings! The game is not being noticed by the gaming communities. Perhaps people really are over remasters?

To compare, Bloodborne has 41 critic reviews and well over 1000 user ratings.

No one seems to care about BHC. Sad face.

Everyone’s playing bloodborne on ps4. And most of the borderlands player base is still on last gen. Probably isnt a huge amount of people playing.

A lot of the people I play Destiny with say they’re getting BHC; but it’s not actually out here (Oz) yet… Hopefully things will improve once it’s out everywhere…

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I think some people are just done with borderlands 2. I know my IRL friends are not sure they want this game yet since a few (me being one of them) have to start are characters over again. I have just been playing solo.

Last night when I got offline I double checked cause I had the same issues. There were 10 open lobbies. Ps4.

Note: none of those lobbies op8. I had my op8 open all night and nobody joined.

To be fair, it’ll likely pick up once the rest of the world gets it. I’m on PS4 and can’t wait to get stuck in, but game isn’t released here until Friday.

Since the badass rank is currently not transferring over, I don’t see the point in even loading the game up yet. I have roughly 30 characters on ps3. Having to upload each save one at a time with crossave then download it into the ps4 will be very time consuming. When they fix this Jeff or JoeK said there is the possible that we will have to reload all of the saves again. Also until they fix this any badass rank will most likely be wasted. I bought my PS4 on Sunday and picked up the game on Tuesday, sucks that this will just sit in the box until this problem is fixed. Maybe I will hook it up and play last of us remastered, which came with the PS4.

Found It


The team is looking in to an issue for folks missing Badass Ranks and Heads and Skins on Xbox One after using the Cloud Save feature.

There should be no negative effects for those who want to enjoy the game while we work on a fix. You may end up losing any badass ranks you earn during this time as they will be overridden when you inevitably re-transfer your saves as part of the fix. For the meantime, please do not delete your previous gen save files as re-uploading them may be part of the eventual solution.

I set mine to open and after an hour people started popping in. I did start at about two in the morning mountain time though.

I imported my TPS characters and started playing the inside claptrap DLC in offline mode. I want to experience it in solo first. This morning though I did look around and found 2 sessions to join. 5:30 am EST. About normal for that early, normal meaning just like what I could find on the 360 version at 5:30 am.

Take a look this weekend and see if more people are playing. Also, it should pick up around holidays, spring break, summer, etc…

Oh, and the player base in BL2 is kinda fragmented because of all those levels and OP levels, in my opinion. Double edged knife. Maybe BL3 will have a good way to keep multiplayer from fragmenting as much?

Hopefully a “bunch” of players, including me, outside US, will be on once we get it on Friday.

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I’ll add you.

Destiny players might be doing Weekly’s, Nightfall and Dailies before playing on here.

I’m OP8 if you want to add me. PSN: eddie_white :smile:

I have not started playing yet because of the issues. If there a chance I’m gonna play and then have it overwritten then y not wait. Maybe that’s y there’s not many people on.

Well since there are forums on here, we could all just befriend each other and play with each other. Psn: Ritmrpariot

If no public games are really showing up, maybe just invite people to play with ^.^ I’m up for it.