Is it just me or does anyone else want handsome Jack to make an appearance in the dlc

In tales from the borderlands at the end you had the option to destroy or keep the handsome Jack AI I think it would be good if it played out that rhys had kept it and somehow he gets activated and we get a story out of that which would be great imho or to take us back to Elpis to look for lilleth don’t know what way they would play the oz kits but I think that would be a good idea …

It’s canon that he died, and was destroyed in TFTB.

Yeah I know just think it would be a good idea to bring him back for one of the dlcs probably won’t happen but one can dream lol

Handsome Jack’s AI is in a legendary gun in the game, the Handsom Jackhammer

Leave Jack be, don’t force him more and ruin him.

Easter eggs are fine.

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Yeah I know I have it not the best gun out there though

Haha force him good one … he forces himself upon the borderlands

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Would be nice to kill him again. Put his AI in a raid boss.

Yeah just something with him making an appearance or the vault hunters trying to stop one of his former employees bringing him back to power

I’d like a “Vault Hunters goes to “Hollywood” featuring Timothy” DLC.

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