Is it just me or does Isic do a huge amount of damage to the sentry?

Played a few games as him and wow who needs minions when he is around?

I thought the marquis glitch was bad the damage this guy does to the sentry is insane i had a friend who snook around the map and managed to take out a sentry on his own really damn fast the other team didnt even know it was happening.

Now i dont care if this gets changed or not nor do i know what has to be done to make it happen as i dont play Isic myself but being able to take out a senty on your own when the whle point of the game mode is to escort minions so they can take down the shields kinda ruins the game mode.

Cant it just be ade so only minions can disable the sentry’s shield? then that would fix 2 problems right off the bat.

ISIC’s ult is a sentry destroyer, once he hits level 5 you know what he’s gonna be looking to do. Montana is just as bad, he has high DPS and is radically tanky, Miko + Montana wins Incursion almost every time.

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Never noticed it with montana only knew about it with isic as a friend told me about it but didnt say what to actually do. I suppose the difference is montana cant get all the way round the back of the map but isic can.