Is it just me, or does mayhem mode 3 suck?

The enemies are insanely tanky and the augmentations are through the roof. You get punished for having certain builds and weapons. All shotgun damage is halved? Can’t use the butcher anymore. Don’t have a good sniper on you? That sniper damage boost is useless!

Sometimes it’s all just debuffs and no buffs at all. I can’t imagine how terrible it must be for Amara players when all elemental damage gets cut in half when thats most of her playstyle.


Havent tried mayhem modes yet because i went straight into TVHM and i believe to get mayhem on TVHM you have to compete the story…?

Oh… and i am a Siren hahaha sounds like i wont be having fun in mayhem mode :frowning:

Yah you have to activate it on Sanctuary after beating the game. You can do it on normal mode though.

What character did you start as?

I’m playing as zane currently

oh nice, dont see many zanes at all

If you are having trouble you can fast travel/save and quit until you get modifiers favorable to you. Its sometimes a drag but not impossible.

You can reset modifiers by traveling away and returning or leaving the session and re-entering. I use it for farming and have several setups depending on what the mods are. There are some mods I just can’t handle, though, like 30% chance to reflect projectiles is a hard pass from me.

Also, you can use mayhem mode in tvhm without beating the game. I dunno why so many people and articles said you can’t. I did the entire second planet in mayhem 3 before deciding those fights took too long (and holy snapply cracker, when you switch back and suddenly everything melts, you feel like a god).

I’m a Zane main, btw.

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Mayhem 3 exists so that players who’ve already farmed a bunch and assembled powerful builds have something more challenging to pit themselves against. If enemies feel absurdly tanky or losing half damage to a debuff is enough of a hit to ruin your fun, don’t play it.

It doesn’t work like OP levels where the gear you’re finding is better than what you’d find on lower levels, you just get more of it. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to mayhem 1 or 2 until your character gets stronger.


So I’m on tvhm and the mayhem relics aren’t next to hammerlocks office. I’m almost done with tvhm’s story but not finished. So how would one go about activating it? From what I understand you were able to us the mayhem mode from the get-go in tvhm, correct?

I dunno, tbh. I’m finding out from friends that it wasn’t available for them, but it very clearly was available for me. I deliberately swapped between Mayhem 3 for certain bosses I knew I could beat in that mode as I got to them in the story. I’m afraid I already beat TVHM a while ago, so I can’t provide proof.

A quick recap of what I did leading up to everything: I played normal mode with Mayhem 3 on before deciding to enter TVHM. I was slightly concerned that TVHM would “remember” Mayhem mode, so right before Mouthpiece, I went back and turned it on. As soon as I got to Sanctuary on TVHM, I checked to see if I could turn it on and sure enough, the pedestals were sitting there. I turned Mayhem mode on all the way through the brain nog boss before turning it back off except for bosses and turning in missions (I dunno if the exp bonus counts for missions being turned in, but I did it anyway).

Im maining Zane and also beat it on thvm mayhem 3… its not that hard but its very gear dependent. You need Guns with and wihtout Elemental DMG to counterplay on the mayhem mods. Best Guns i found for Zanes Clone Barrier playstyle are: The Butcher, Lasersploder, Crossroad SMG, Lucians Call and the Kings Call. Using the Shockerator Legendary Mod and a Roughrider Shield and an Artifact that gives me +18%HP heal per kill. But i had quite a time for getting a useful build for Mayhem 3. Its a nice challenge so the game doesnt get boring and keeps you from feeling unchallenged even with good gear. My current Skill build :"cb__3859198443___p__2886514866-5_2754125392-3_1616506934-5_2585585538-5_1105028631-1_1028978450-1_475949686-1_2133325953-1_1915910961-3_2252388866-1_2942539557-5_570334902-5_793918426-5_342715552-1_2564880660-1_3040940122-2_4162540294-1_1023834817-1_3622895923-1___e__3441733518-1251885132"

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Not everyone. It seems this is how it works on PC, and I’ve seen various reports of players on either console having access to the podium immediately. I’m on xbone and the mayhem podium is no where to be found in tvhm. It might be a bug that some people don’t have it immediately available

Yeah, it appears to be a bug, but I don’t think we know in what way. Is it a bug to have it in TVHM story mode or a bug to not have it?

I’m guessing the latter. We get to keep all the other vault rewards, and the missing podium has softlocked some people from finishing the final story objective. For whatever reason it just gets removed from sanctuary, and going through the rest of the game might not even unlock it.

My level 50 M3 thvm char is zane.

I dont think there are any modifiers that are auto reroll worthy on Zane specifically. Not even bullet reflect due to shield and/or lifesteal.

I generally reroll -50% radiation because radiation is optimal and most of my gear is radiation at this point.

Im kind of unhappy that some modifiers give buffs. +70% elemental is game breaking, +50% smg/pistol/shotgun is really damn good. The Assault rifle/Sniper slot is kinda bad unfortunately but thats mostly due to what gear is available in the game as of rn. Snipers especially are really underwhelming.

The only time i really want to restart is when its one of the forced car sections and you get stuff like enemies get 40% weapon damage. Car sections in general on M3 are so bloody annoying.

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