Is it just me or does the Expert Storm sniper practically oneshot Katagawa jr.?

I have an Expert Storm sniper that does 57k damage with a 300% anointed damage buff to enemies above 90% health. After I take down his shield, he just dies from either the orbs or something else.

You can one shot him with a lot of weapons, he has really low health and shield values

But I don’t have the build centered around snipers or splash damage on moze it just seems weird that I suddenly do a lot of damage

He dies the instant you get through his shield. I dunno why but his health is an absolute joke. You go in with a decent shock / rad based weapon and more than likely he only lives a couple of seconds.

Katagawa Jr has some weird HP/damage mechanics.

I don’t think he has much HP/shield. But takes full damage during his “Deception” phase, and VERY little in between when he is zooming around.

I thought it was because his clones share his health and shield. I can one-shot him with a phasegrasp from Amara, right as I jump down. I can also kill him with the Complex Root, Yellowcake (back in the day), Backburner, pretty much anything with a lot of splash damage in one hit.

Even if I miss him with the grasp, I can kill him with the Complex Root. Even IB/AB can kill him with Moze. I think the Capacitive Armature seems to chain nicely across the clones. But other weapons/attacks are really hard to bring him down, without a long fight, for me.

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Yea u can just use the sand hawk that he drops