Is it just me or does the game crash/freeze way more frequently than before? (on PS3)

Hi there,
just picked up Borderlands:TPS again to finally check out the DLC’s.
Did anyone else noticed an increase of game crashes on the PS3 recently? It seems to me that the game crashes a lot more often as it did right after release o.O Back then I might got 1 or 2 in a whole month (so virtually none at all) but now I got 6 freezes in just 3 days, 5x in splitscreen-coop mode and once while playing solo.

Is this a known issue? Does it have sth to do with the recent patches?
Help please; it gets kind of annoying especially in boss fights.

I have noticed this as well. The framerate is almost unbearable when playing online. The game freezes way more than it did during launch. I have put the game away for the time being because of how terrible the lag is. My internet connection is great, so I know that isn’t the issue.