Is it just me, or I’m just not that good at solo Takedown M10 with Moze

Whenever I tried and change Moze’s build and gear. I always die during the Valkyrie battle . Any advice what should I do to beat + what’s the best Mayhem Modifiers for Maliwan Takedown. Or maybe I should just play with friends(but most of my friends are them are gonna Encourage me to get git and “better setup”)

Also does anyone know that Mayhem 10 effects on Takedown weapons As well like Mayhem 6-10 exclusive weapons? Because if it’s is. I really want to get a Redistributor

There’s a few options for getting through the Valk fight. The first step however is definitely to know how the fight works.


When you come down the elevator you start the fight against the 3 Valk’s. This phase ends once you finish off one of the Valkyries shields. I personally try to weaken the shields of all 3 Valks at the same rate, this just makes the later stages quicker.

You also only have 3 targets to worry about if you use the pillars and hide in the passage behind the elevator you can avoid a lot of damage and target fire 1 or 2 of them.

Once you finish one of the Valk shields they will retreat to their pedestals. This gives you a brief moment to catch your breath and get into position for the next fight. I prefer to be on the same platform the Valk’s landed on originally for this part, as it gives the best position to react to the coming wave. However a tough Valk fight means you don’t always get this, its not the end of the world if you can’t be there but will make your life harder.


The next fight is random from 1 of 4 possible spawns. If you’re looking out from the elevator you came down on the possible spawns are:

  1. Dogs: These spawn by the boxes to the left of the platform. There’s guaranteed to be at least one badass wardog here and a hackhound or two. If you can nuke them at their spawn with a gun that deals damage to an area. Otherwise I recommend focusing any hack hounds. They’re not dangerous alone but will get you killed by anything else, so get them first. The badass wardogs are seriously tanky, if you can’t 1 burst them then I’d ignore them and focus on taking out as many dogs as possible.
  2. The Heavy Pod: This spawns at the very back of the arena and generally has a few badass heavies in it. This is probably the hardest spawn to quickly, my advice is to do your best at clearing out anything mobile and then kite the heavies around. If you have time to kill a heavy or 2 make sure to aim for the Cryo ones, they will get you killed.
  3. Badass Commando: This wave spawns at the center of the Valk Platform and consists of 1 badass commando and a mix of normal maliwan troops. The badass commando is the only tank enemy here, the rest should go down quickly. If you have time kill the badass, however priority should be to kill the troopers first as the less things chasing you around the arena the better.
  4. Dump truck spawn: This lot spawns by the dump truck to the right. Its entirely grunts and is probably the easiest wave to handle. There’s not much to be said about these guys.

If you kill everything quickly the next Valk will spawn, otherwise you have about 30 seconds until the next Valk jumps down to join the fight.

Valkyrie 1

The Valkyrie on the left is first up. She possesses a large area of effect attack, you can dodge this if you’re quick however you’re likely to take a bit of damage so make sure you’re ready to be healed when you see her prepping it. She’ll go airborne for this, you can just tank it by jumping about and try gunning her down. Otherwise get clear of it and attack her when she stops.

As with all Valk’s in this phase she’ll retreat the minute you get her under half health. This kicks off another phase of mobbing. So back to your plans for the mobbing phase.

Valkyrie 2

She jumps down from the right ledge. Her main attacks are a melee strike with her scythe and a ranged attack with a disk. You can dodge both with a bit of movement and a jump. Her ai also plays nice a lot of the time and allows you to target fire her easily. Just be careful you don’t fire your splash weapon into her when pointblank, that will get you killed.

Again this phase is followed by a mobbing phase.

Valkyrie 3

The last Valk will jump down and land right in front of the elevator. Barring a very heavy dps Burst she will disperse a bunch of drones that go to the edge of the arena and will fire cryo rounds at you. While she’s deploying them you have a chance to do heavy damage so try position yourself to take advantage of this. Afterwards she chooses a side of the arena and will skate back and forth dropping cryo balls that bounce around the arena.

The easiest place to not get heavily cryo’d is to get onto the same side she deploys the cryo from, you can stand on 1 side and just lay into her without her reacting. After awhile she’ll stop and do a power up animation that reveals a crit spot you can take advantage of freely.

If you go down then look for the drones she deployed, they can give you a second wind.

Again at half health she retreats and you face off against the last of the 4 mobbing waves.

Final wave

The final wave is when all 3 come down at once again. You’re likely to have a build up of un-killed enemies from previous rounds. There’s no reason to be aggressive here, if you can’t gun the valk’s down immediately then retreat You can use areas like behind the elevator to limit the number of guns pointed at you. I personally think priority 1 should be the Melee Valk. She is easy track and will be the most troublesome if you try gunning another down. You can give Valk 1 the slip easily enough, her ai doesn’t chase you if you keep you distance. Due to this I recommend trying to set yourself up on the side the cryo Valk goes and gunning them down next.

Redistributor is currently bugged and won’t drop, I’m expecting the fix to come with tomorrow’s hotfix.

Lastly what gear and skills are you using to run the takedown? Its easy to recommend more specific improvements when we know what you’re working with.