Is it just me or is her ADS reticle not lined up correctly?

Been playing her since yesterday and its wired whenever I ads and I am sure I have a crit I ether miss entirely or get normal hit some times I do get it but no crit sound effect plays for whatever reason.

Its also possible its her projectile velocity but when not ADSing i have no issue criting. Tbh I thin the projectiels fire a bit lower then the center point beacuse when I adjusted some shoots higher then they should have been I hit the mark.

It would help me if the sound effects where playing properly when you land an ADS crit with her so hopefully that gets fixed.

Anyone else having issues with ads criting as her?

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Sorta. I have resolved to attribute it to the reticle dot. It’s pretty large for a sniper. Most things that I ads for are covered by it.

Yea i noticed this as well. Seems like im not always hitting exactly where i want to. Maybe I need more time adapting to her.

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I am having issues too, I discovered putting the dot above what I wanna shoot at helped me get crits.
I also tested a thing similar and her bullets must come out of a lower point to her actual weapon

Here is where I am aiming (i was hoping to shoot the white smudge)

This is shooting, it seems to hit the ledge which isn’t in the way of her syringe (i don’t think?)

Yep, all if her projectiles seem to be firing from somewhere around her hip, skill projectiles included.

Really awkward.

Problem is this is a patch change so we haft to deal with it till the next time they get a balancing patch

This is not (necessarily) because her projectile is being fired from somewhere you aren’t expecting, but because it is a projectile. Her weapon is not hitscan, and actually fires a projectile. Like Toby, you can’t expect to aim directly for some characters’ heads and get a crit, because your shot may first impact a separate part of their body (e.g. chest, or the front of the shepherd, etc). You have to aim slightly high (not like you’re accounting for drop, mind you) so that you actually hit their head first, and not a different part of their body.

This also is why you will sometimes impact terrain that is right in front of you, despite having the crosshair obviously not on the terrain. Anyone who has played Toby can attest to this.

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There is one big difference between toby and Beatrix tho. Toby gets lazer pointer to alow you to path find Beatrix dose not. I have tried just about every kind of distince and the projectes never seem to like up with that center dot. I was testing her in solo missions and like people say it somewhere closer to the bottem part of the redical. I can actuall consistently crit when putting a head just between the two dots form any distance.

@beta382 Beatrix suffers from a different ADS problem too. If next to a wall, or behind one, and you poke out so the reticle isn’t on the wall, and on a person, the shot will still hit the wall. This even happens when shooting from an upper platform. It is a problem for a sniper, but seeing that Beatrix is better off as a mid range with an OP melee, its fine.

Something doesn’t feel quite right.
coming from PS4 here

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to me it feels like it shoots below where the red dot is

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Hopefully they re path here bullet till they get it right like they did witb Marqius. He had issues in the alpha so they re pathed him and for a while he could ads and shoot over and throgh ridges without any other then the top of his hat showing