Is it just me, or is "Pendles" too cute a name for a snake?

Honestly, when I saw the concept art for our Snakey new Rogue, I was ecstatic. He’s a hoodie wearing cobra (double hood), with hand scythes, and sneakers. He’s so cool in his design, in a 90’s sort of way (keeping in line with the general aesthetic of the game), and I can’t wait to play him, though I am concerned the whole ‘stealth assassin’ will be infringing on Shayne’s turf within the Rogues.

But in all seriousness, “Pendles”? I mean, like I said, it’s adorable if you pronounce it the way it’s spelled (Pen-Dells), but that doesn’t match the character design, to me. Is it meant to be funny? Is it meant to be prounounced differently? (Pend-Less?) It doesn’t change how excited I am for him, but I thought I’d through that out there.

Should save had some crazy alien name, then just told every one to call him sssssssteve since they couldnt pronounce it.

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Its gearbox, silly name for a bad ass character is right up their alley of humor. I love it personally.

Pendles my Friendles!


A lot of people give their pet snakes cute names. It’ a little silly for a brutal assassin, but that’s probably the joke.
As for Encroaching on Shayne’s territory. Fetch+Stealth carves a pretty nice niche for Shayne. Stealth alone won’t allow Pendles to overshadow the terrible two. He’ll probably focusing on burst damage, keeping them separate. I’d be more worried about him encroaching on Deande’s niche.

Scimathor Scythe, the snake man from spaaaaaaaaaaaace!

I suppose that’s fair, though from the description I sort of imagine less burst damage, more damage over time, what with the venom after all. So sort of a stealthy Melka, perhaps, sacrificing the distance attacks for the stealth. I think if he’s like that, Deande will be just fine, seeing as she does greater burst damage, then stealths away. I’m expecting Pendles to be a truly reptilian predator, striking the enemy to weaken him, then just stay nearby, waiting for the chance for the final kill.

Honestly i think it fits. Kinda makes me think of a shady peddler when i hear it, not exactly tough, but he’ll get the better deal in the end.

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that’s awesome

The heck do you mean "Too cute a name for a snake??


Meet a snake prepared to be named Pendels on account of being cute <3


Sorry I absolutely had to post this one too <3


Ok I’m done now <3


I’m pretty sure Pendles isn’t a cobra. His hood just looks like that.

I’m just waiting on a character named Basilforty. :smiley:

Being Native American I’ve had as many as 8 pet snakes at a time.
This new class might have some inside humor for me. :smile:

Honestly, i just want Pendles to do the blelele thing XD i love his design!

It’s a very Rogues name. I mean, look at Toby and Whiskey. They’re outcasts, and they might be weird lookin’ to your average, normal spod, but that doesn’t mean they have to be to each other. Whilst you might think that it’s not a name for a snake whom you might want to have a much more stereotypical, earthcentric name, that might not be true from his perspective.

From his perspective, it might be a particularly fitting name. It might just be a cultural difference. Or he might just like it and the Rogues are open-minded enough to find it cute. Like I said, it’s perfectly fitting for the kind of City Watch culture (if you’ve read the Guards series of Discworld books, you’ll know what I mean) that the Rogues have crafted around themselves.

The Rogues in general just aren’t a very earthcentric, typifying, or xenophobic faction.

Oh, and thanks @matthewmerrill12 for the pictures. They’re adorable!

It de Pendles.

At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if Reyna nicknamed him that after her saving Orendi and Toby. She likes the cute ones.

I think you mean this guy, Francis.

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Yes! :smiley: Thanks for the clear up. I think I might watch fawlty towers now.

I’m hoping he’ll be more stealth based both shayne and Deande only have one ability for going cloak, maybe he could have his passive give him a cloak after his skills pop so he can slink in attack, and slink away but be squishy so you have to be careful with him.

I’m excited regardless but that’s what I’m hoping for