Is it just me or is the lag in this game gamebreaking?

i have the fastest internet connection possible for where i live but lately half my shots are hitting my enemy in the face but doing zero damage

im constantly getting stuck on invisible walls

constantly dying from things i cant even see.

i just dont get it.

im not sure if its lag or what or if im facing cheaters who can somehow manipulate their hitbox but literally u can stun someone in a trap and shoot them in the head but the bullets go right through…

or its even worse when i play as el dragon and im sitting there punching a stunned target and they take zero damage

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In Australia we’ve had some terrible lag in this game in the past but I’ve actually found it has improved slightly over the last few months. Hopefully it’s a continuing trend.

On a side note: I’m curious as to why you start so many negative topics on this game. If you’re so unhappy with it, why continue to play?


or is it something in my settings that could possibly be causing this?

its a great game but lately lag has killed it for me

i quit like 5 games today because i was getting so mad about this happening.

its so not fun when u literally shoot a guy in his face and the shots go right through him, yet he can somehow hit u with every single shot and u die in 2 seconds flat.

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I just want to give you a big ol’ virtual hug…

Why? Because I don’t think I’ve read a topic from you yet that hasn’t been about something getting you down when playing Battleborn.

Whether it’s multiple topics on lag issues, so called encountered cheaters, or just general things that bug you about gameplay.

Surely it can’t be all bad? (if so, give it a break - or spread some love!)

So, while this reply is completely off topic… VIRTUAL HUG :wink:


I had a dose of terrible lag last night. I was one red bar and everyone else was all green. The whole thing stuttered and people were teleporting left and right.

It was almost unplayable - but I also got a random kill that must have surprised the hell out of the hapless player!

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just tired of losing unfairly, thats all

wondering when it will be fixed, its been 2 months and still no sign or word of fixing

its hit and miss, when the game works right its the best game ever

but when u join a game and u get stuck on invisible walls and you shoot a guy in his head but the bullet goes through him its a garbage game

just now i was literallt 1 foot behind an alani, chasing her down, slapping her in the back with my ranged AOE clap, for like 10 seconds and she took zero damage, i know i was close enough… god that pissed me off so bad i just quit becaise i knew the rest of the game was gonna spike my blood pressure.

i like fair games, but its not fair when that happens

thats weird man cuz i always have 3 green bars and so does my enemies

but there i am, standing right next to a person, smacking them in the face but they take zero damage

just imagine the frustraion if u were in a real fight and u hit a guy in the chin as hard as u possibly could and they just absorbed it and took no damage? by the way there was no healers on the other team so i just dont understand.


this stuff pisses me off so much lol. i just cant handle it. this never happens in WoW. i love battleborn so much but not when its like this

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You mentioned in another one of your topics (which I also commented about in another one of your topics, haha) that you wanted to swap your PC version for a PS4 version, because of all the issues you face with cheaters, etc.

So… Why no swap to PS4 then? It’s going relatively cheap at the moment.

Maybe you just need to change things up a bit to another platform, different set of issues from PC to console, and also a different variety of players.

I too have had a love/hate relationship with Battleborn, being located in Australia, we had server/lag issues from the very beginning, always seeing red/yellow bars… Only recently are they turning more green.

We all had to adapt our gameplay to such concerns, was it easy? Did we like it? Obviously not… But we got that shiz done, and now we have some really awesome players whom raised above it all.

And when we couldn’t deal with the rage… We stepped away, haha.

If it’s not working for you, you have to do right by yourself…
Do something that makes you happy.
Avoid the thing that provokes such negative behaviour (in game, and on the forum), because it really isn’t physically, mentally, or emotionally good for you.

We all want Battleborn to improve, to succeed…
But these improvements can’t happen overnight, they take time, various approvals have to happen, hours of work, not to mention money.

But sometimes, it involves a lot of inner faith. (In the devs, and the community.)
We are ‘ALL’ going through it.
But we don’t need to vocalise it all the time. (Gearbox be lurking, if they see one topic on the issue, they have seen them all.)

You are not alone :heart:


idk to be honest i dont wanna by the game a second time

ill probably take a break for awhile and see if anything is better when i come back

past few days something very strange has been going on, ive hated this game the past 2 days.

it feels like every match im getting stuck on some invisible wall, or shooting some1/punching some1 right in the face and my damage isnt registering with the server.

I’m on PS4, in Australia. I have only recently been getting some really bad lag - I had all green all the time during the beta…

Most of the time it’s really good though; only the odd occasion where I seem to get matched poorly (less than 10% of the time).

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I saw you post in the ‘Australian Servers Issues’ thread, 9 days ago :slight_smile:

Yay to grabbing yourself a copy, and getting back into BB following the beta!

Yeah, it ran pretty smooth in the beta for me too, though I did have the occasional slight lag then also… But post launch saw it a little rockier most of the time, not sure why that happened?
I’ve certainly experienced improvements since, mainly last couple of weeks I’ve seen more green bars… And I’ll take all the green bars I can get, haha.

I guess it all depends ‘where’ we find ourselves server wise (overseas or local), I’m not a technical person, so I’m not sure what has an effect on quality of play or not… Just have to roll with it I guess.


When I first got it home I screenshotted the first few matches because I thought many were still having troubles, but for most Aussies it seems to have smoothed out nicely.

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out of curiosity OP, what country do you live in?

The funny thing about me is that I’ve experienced more lag in a private PvE match than a public PvP match. I rarely ever lag in PvP but I lag atleast once or twice per playthrough in PvE. I guess experiences vary.

…OMG, do I even have to point out, again, how much these forums need you. :blush:


Indeed she is a breath of fresh positive air.

A reasoned voice in a sea of ‘NERF IT!’

God bless ya elle_tee


Just depends on the server. I have fast internet but the lag kills when I’m playing on an international server

If you do get connected to an of shore server, which happens on off peak times, the lag IS game breaking, seems to be really, really bad prediction and terrible integration between what happens on each clients PC. Seems to be if either client does not register a hit, then the server does not register it, which is not how it should be.

Think back to other FPS where you duck behind a corner but then seem to die, because you were still in front of the corner on the enemy screen and they awped you in the face. Just because they saw and shot you 100ms later then when the same event actually happened on YOUR screen doesn’t mean you deserve to survive.

This doesn’t actually tell much… The best connection available for you could be the worst one available for me.

And unfortunately the in-game “Green Bar” doesn’t actually tell you your exact ping. What is considered Green Bar? >50? >100? >150?

Annoyingly, the game servers don’t respond to ping requests either, so I haven’t been able to even figure out what sort of ping actually results in the game breaking. I can say that getting connected to the japanese servers does it from the east coast though, haha.

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