Is it just me or is this thing gone?

Is it just me or is the hotfix sign when you first load in gone? It no longer appears for me on Xbox.

I had this yesterday when I was save-quit farming. The sign wasn’t consistently showing up. I figured out that it was a graphical glitch because when I got into the game I didn’t get the “There are updates do you want to goto the title screen” message so the Hotfixes were applied just the sign wasn’t showing.

It always disappearing after couple of seconds.


If you can see the fluro lights and iridium dust you’re good

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Yeah it happens on PS too, once your hotfixes are loaded in you tend to be good to go unless you close the application itself

It goes away. Best way to check once you are in the game is to go to the menu (not the character menu but the one with social, options, etc. If the hot fixes aren’t applied it’ll usually prompt with a pop up saying “updates available” or something along this lines. If it pops up the hot fix isn’t applied.