Is it just me, or is this whole body blocking mechanic kinda of unhealthy

It just seems like a really cheap way to kill a melee since they need to get right in your face.

I agree, character collision is really frustrating, but without it you’d get people hiding inside isic during his rotating wads skill and people hiding inside tanks so that they have a bullet sponge they can fire through and not get hurt. Either system will be frustrating, which is even more frustrating! :laughing:

Just make it so that you cant go through allies then

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Kelvin’s ice wall trapping allies is pretty infuriating though.

Then tanks couldn’t protect teammates.

If a melee gets killed because they got body-blocked, then they chose a poor engagement. It’s the melee that should be doing that to keep others rom escaping.

Every single charachter has an escape option from being body blocked… Basic mellee… And you think body blocking is bad for mellee now imagine your trying to punch or stab an orendi and she keeps running through you to avoid your punches… Yeah I’d love that lol

Minion collision should be ended its by far the stupidest.

Not every character’s quick melee works as a push away to get away from body blocking. Orendi’s is one specifically, but I know there are more than just hers. Player collision should still exist, I’m not arguing that it shouldn’t, it just needs to be retuned so that going around characters like kleese and montana doesn’t feel like going around a mountain, and (while it may be a separate issue, it’s still player collision) bouncing on someone’s head shouldn’t be a viable form of cc.