Is it just me or M10 new DLC boss loot drop rate very low again

Anyone else feel like the M10 drop rate in this new DLC is bugged with unusually low drop rate from bosses again ?
I mean often i get 0 to 1 legendary on the new DLC bosses on M10… i understand RNG may be playing me but i definitely feels like drop rate is bugged to all time low again

We had this issue in the past at one point and it was fixed. But i feel like it is back again.
Im on PC


Looks kinda ok on PS4.

is it possible for this drop rate bug to affect one platform and not another ?

Well, depends on what you consider a normal drop rate. Having 1-2 dlc legendaries as world drops is ok for me.


Before this DLC dropped I went back to BL2. It was refreshing to not have orange items dropping everywhere. When they did drop it was something noteworthy. The opposite is true with BL3.

I had a few runs on bosses in the DLC and I felt also like this. Some times they dropped only 2-3 white/green gear, nothing else. But a save and quit helped. We’ve got some evil RNG.