Is it just me or

Did they take everything that made borderlands 2 epic out of borderlands 3.


For example???

Example: interesting and rewarding side quests. Many great guns were obtained through side quests in bl2. The guns for bl3 side quests are lame.

Edit : fibber as one really good non dlc side quests reward example

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And the glitches are really bad. I just did a mission where the enemy dissapeared off the map then it said I completed my objective and I didn’t even fight the enemy

there are plenty of quest rewards here and you only have vanilla yet… no dlc did you thoroughly test the quest reward red text shields nades and guns? i found them awesome as ■■■■. Who says “we” loved duping it is just something they can not fix on client side save file oriented game. Grinder however i do not mind and i’d love it back. Quests to me seem great and incentivize more combat experience and map exploraton which is awesome.

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For me the side missions are the most fun and entertaining. The campaign story was kind of, eh, but the side missions crack me up.

Pa’s riffle, sellout, cloud kill, vitamin shield. All from sidequest and all awesome


Grace - another good side quest reward (legendary too)


I’m not arguing there are plenty of quests and rewards for said quests but for me they feel unrewarding. I also didn’t mention dlc because I didn’t want the obligatory “it’s just vanilla” argument. Yah cause I want a lame shield that has an aura of radiation around me the whole time. Maybe after they get done nerfing everything to the ground the quest rewards will actually be good :joy:.

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The ones i listed are juat the one i thought up in 20 seconds, there are more

I know! I just used the Grace, so it was fresh in my memory.

You and most of you are completely off topic
This isn’t about side missions lol

Also having some of the best guns as side quest for bl2 was a bit of an issue.

Quest reward farming was pretty much a glitch, so if you were a casual player you would not be able to do it.

Pimpernel, Sandhawk,Rubi, lady fist, etc…

It was actually as bad that they were quest rewards as good, since there was no legit way to farm them.

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Not off-topic. @eith0s mentioned ‘rewarding side quests’ as one of the things potentially missing; we were just responding to that discussion point.

Also I should add, blue red text guns should be good but shouldn’t be better than legendary guns, just like pearls should be better than legendary guns.

So far this has been better in bl3 and if they bring back pearls I hope they shine

red suit is actually a good shield? hello?

i dno man side quests gave few decent shields and interesting guns like lovemachine and that sniper that has x5 split horizontal or vertical, the power of it might not be fully explored, i also liked vladof laser pistol and atlas exploding pistol rewards, they are rewarding, we might not agree about what rewarding is but damn i do not want to get p1mpernel and ladyfist tier guns from quests.

technically you could run through the DLC infinitely via resetting your playthrough lul. Legit tho.

Yah I read it but getting ready for work and couldn’t respond. I’ll have to disagree though. Cloud kill was terrible for me, maybe great for some other build I’m not using but hard to believe it would be in my inventory as I run through the game. So many other great corrosive variants For it to be relevant.

Yes - not having, eh, ‘quality’ (damage output I guess) scale with rarity in BL2 was the source of a fair amount of WTF from players. The game did have a disclaimer about this, but that’s a hard notion to shake. Once this really sank in, it didn’t bother me, but it’s been refreshing in BL3 that this seems to be the case so far.