Is it just me? (PvP)

Hey there,

I’d like to talk about two or three things I noticed in the past days.

1.) What happened to premade groups? In the past days I’ve only had like 5 matches where I played with or against a group of premades (usually two). Seems like there are mostly PUGs left Is it just me?

2.) The matchmaking has always been an issue with this game but since the last weekend I feel like it became a complete disaster. I’ve played 277 games and won 177 of these. So my winrate is (was) about 63%. Now I’ve played around ~30 Matches since sunday and lost 24 of them. This has never happened before I’m constantly getting crushed over and over and over again, some of these games are over (mostly incursion) before the 5 minute mark. Checking the enemies profiles reveals that I (we) have to play against PUGs where two players have played the game for almost 40 days with thousands of matches. While I’m beeing matched with new players who have played somwhere between 3 and 10 hours. Unfortunately this is not an exception…

Again, the matchmaking has always been a pain in the ass but at the moment it’s a complete disaster. Is it just me?

…It’s not just you.
I don’t have anything positive to add about PvP.

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Premades are no longer shown due to the community quitting as soon as they saw a yellow bar. And that just sounds like bad luck tbh. Still small sample size. Sorry to hear it happened though


I’m either playing against really new players or this one specific group on PC.

Unfortunately that specific group only plays Incursion so I don’t even bother queueing anymore.

But in other news I got Reapers pumpkin skin!

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After a few games of Face-Off I haven’t touched PvP since the patch. I tried a Bot game of Incursion to see what all the noise was about, I was not impressed.

Haven’t touched the game for about a week, will probably play tomorrow since Kid Ultra will be available.

Ive gone against an entire team with the “colonel” “major” … titles so they were clearly a premade group but yeah, there was no bar to indicate that which was pretty annoying actually. I hate when they make hotfixes and dont let you know what theyve changed.

Yea, come to think of it, I have not seen a yellow bar enemy team in PVP since patch (been part of a number myself, thou).

But a lot of enemy teams felt as if premade - and here we got the explanation.

Tx, @epicender584, I was not aware that particular change had been implemented.

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aaaaay I just got that one too!

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It’s a shame I never get to play Reaper, no one else ever plays support…

I better get that Mercy skin next! :fist:

Witch mercy is the best one imo. She was the last Halloween legendary I needed and I just got her from my last lootbox.

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If she was actually wearing pants I’d be inclined to agree. Now I just want the skin because I main her and they might add the “My servants never die” line to her ULT.


Good news they’re going to next patch!
Now um… Let’s discuss battleborn! Yeah battleborn forums!


It’s just you and random sample size. I have around a 62 win percentage overall in PVP but I have a bunch of 1 win in 10 due to surrenders and unlucky matchmaking and other unfortunate things.

Wow thank you very much, didn’t know that!

Guess I’m done with BB now.

Uh, okay then. If I may ask, why? Like, what did that change in your experience that was negative enough to push you off of the fence? Not saying this aggressively, just wondering


This is on pc?

They broke broke broke broke, broke, the gane

Dude I’ve been hoping so hard to get the Mercy skin, but no luck yet :sob:


Carry harder. Although, they have nerfed every single hard carry champion into the dirt recently except Orendi.

So I guess play more Orendi.

I’ve made it thousands of games with my 75% win rate and you can to. Maybe not with 75% but at least 63%.

Because now I can’t dodge teams that will crush me. Hate me, but I’m not the kind of guy who gets into a PUG to fight 3-5 man premades over and over again.