Is it just me? (Trying not to exhaust my luck on farming)

Maybe I’m just paranoid but I remember in Borderlands 2 pre-dlc I farmed like crazy for the best gear and when the dlc came around I felt like I exhausted my luck. Was a pain to farm for gear to replace under leveled ones due to the level increase each dlc had too. Feel like for Borderlands 3 gonna lay off on hard-core farming till all the dlc are out by next year. Save up my luck. Anyone else experienced or have felt like this?

Edit: If a way to scale gear and weapons you’ve grinded hard for is implemented I’d reconsider. Some pieces of gear I just don’t wanna farm for again after every level cap increase.

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When I feel unlucky I just go mobbing until I feel up to bossing again.
I still can’t wait for dlc, hoping for pearls/seraphs to spend years collecting!

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I have high hopes but low expectations for innovation in DLC instead of typical power creep. If you don’t have time to farm before DLC then don’t but if you do then you should. I have been farming since day 2 and have all the basics for any build I can theory craft. (Zero perfects though sadly)