Is it just me...?

Has anybody noticed the forum being a bit weird? Mostly with notifications. For example, the Speech Bubble icon thingy that appeared on the top right of the forum is no longer there (the thing that let you know if you had any notifications etc.)

Also the place hasn’t been good at letting me know when a topic has had new posts, or if a discussion thread is “new”, or anything.

Not sure if it’s intentional, if it’s just me, or what.

Mhhhh, I´m very new arround here, but I noticed that there are multiple settings you can change regarding notifications (for new postts, responses, topics, ect…) - maybe your settings changed back to standart somehow, or its because of the new forum structure o.o

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After receiving your reply I noticed that notifications now appear on your avatar-icon as opposed the previous “Speech bubble” thing. Must be a change that was made.

Thanks, I guess. lol

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Last week, I think…they must have updated/changed because it no longer works like it did. It changed while I was using it, so it was quite noticeable and hasn’t gone back to previous.

xD You´re welcome!^^

Yes, this change was made almost 2 weeks ago. Also, more Orange has been added. It was brought up in the New Forum Feedback Thread. I am not sure exactly why the change was made. Unfortunately, it appears that won’t be going back to the way it was before.

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Forum revamp. Notifications are now shown above your avatar picture.
The new post notification sometimes stays for me, even after visiting the topic.
A bit weird, but I those are just minor things.