Is it me oNo multiplayer games?

Is there no one hosting HW multiplayer games anymore? I can’t seem to find any, and I don’t know whether it’s on my side or not.

check the filter, make sure it’s world wide.

You’re right! It defaulted to Local, that was the issue. Thank you!

Check it each time, it seems to reset itself.

Personally, I think local only as the default is a bad idea.

How do you set it to ‘Worldwide’?

I have changed my download region to multiple US ones before, but I never saw a worldwide option.

The “Filter” button, it’s a drop down on the last selection.

not in steam, in the game option

They really ought to have it default to worldwide.

Agreed, it needs to default to worldwide.

Players that aren’t in the US or the UK will likely not see any games being hosted and think online is dead.

indeed, default to “worldwide” would be optimal