Is it me or are alien barrel guns terrible?

all of them have a negative damage percentage on them and the shot effects are not that great and do not make up for the lesser damage and higher ammo cost. I kind of see them as crappy versions of E-Tech guns that deal less damage and have lack luster shooting modes.

No clue how other people feel about them. I’m playing through TVHM on M2 though and got my first torgue flamethrower.

I might love it more than my brothers kids.

I’m joking, joking.

Well… some of my brother’s kids.


does rowan call count? because its my baby <3 lol

they are mostly great wtf


I think I’ve liked a handful of Maliwan shockwave shotguns with alien barrels, at the very least.


Please post a picture of that bad boy/girl/genderless amorphous mass, I havent found one yet.

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I’ll post a pic when I get back to the house. I think it’s just a normal blue but it’s… super satisfying to use.

The Snipers are terrible like they were in BL2 low damage and consumes two ammo per shot…but the bullets bounce and look cool!

The Torgue blisters are awesome though. So is the Kings/Queen’s call pistols.

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Some of them are good, but most suck.

Tediore make some good alien barrel ones, where when thrown they fly and home in on enemies, exploding and leaving a large elemental pool under them like the Annointed Militant does with his fire attack crap.

It’s stupidly OP because the pool of fire, for example on a fire weapons, does obscene levels of damage that the weapons stats do no reflect.

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Hyperion shotgun host can be good, works as a grenade launcher. The one I have is like;

fire, 2805 dot 40%,
1336 dmg +300 splash dmg,
atk spd 1.42 sec,
2 ammo per shot,
12 mag,
dmg amplifying shield

It’s been hit or miss for me. I’ve had a few really good ARs and pistols.

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The alien barrel smg’s aren’t very good in my experience. They suffer from slow bullet speed and consume 2 armor per shot and for damage you get even when using appropriate elements it just isn’t enough. I think the best non unique elemental smgs are the Maliwan Quasars which fire like a laser, cause the dots are good and they have typically larger mag size and increased fire rate.

The alien barrel torgue AR’s however are monsters. The schtick is that the get stronger the longer you hold the trigger, so the card damage looks really low. But it must have some pretty insane multipliers cause it doesn’t take long to get good damage. You have to treat them more like shotguns though because the range is poor as it is more like a flame thrower. It’s good on Moze because infinite ammo can let you reach max potential and maintain it. Amara can do well with the elemental damage. Zane can boost mag size, reload and fire rate and it works well for the up close style of speed builds. The only one I haven’t used one on is fl4k. But typically if you have a relic that boosts mag size, it helps make these things melt everything. Depending on modifiers of course.

One big difference though… BL2’s E-Tech snipers had a massive crit penalty, alien snipers in BL3 have no penalty.

Every time I find one of those flesh guns it performs better than all my other guns at the time, so I don’t agree at all that they’re terrible. I had a Vladof pistol version (exploding bullets, alt fire grenade leaves fire pools) carry me for like 6 levels until it was absolutely time to swap it out like underwear with the waistband elastic worn out.

Maybe in Mayhem Mode they can be crappy, but there anything can be useful/useless on a whim of RNG.

i’ve yet to see a purple torgue pistol with alien barrel, but when that day comes i’m gonna ask it to marry me.

I had a Vladof assault rifle with alien barrel that shot a radiation laser beam. It tore through almost everything from level 37 to 50.

Sadly it’s the only one I have truly felt like was awesome.

They’re hit an miss, just like in BL2.

I don’t like them.

Some of them are probably great. I just mean I don’t like looking at that weird chewed bubblegum flesh.

I honestly don’t find the Alien Barreled guns all that often, but the ones I have found haven’t really stood up to my current gear. Can’t really give much of an opinion, yet; gonna have to keep my eye out.

Also those guns really set off my trypophobia ngl