Is it me or are drop rates in dlc extremly low

I’ve literally killed the boss in cankerwood 10 times and not a single legendary and killed the rare spawn there 10 times as well. It cant just be me right? Hope they hotfix this stuff asap. I already know annointed rates are low as well I’m just talking about drop rates only in the dlc

My drop rates were pretty fair on xbox.

I play on ps4 I wonder if its a ps4 thing. This is nothing like handsome jackpot where u got new loot out the gate

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Seems pretty low on PC too. I only got legendaries from the very last boss and only 2. The rest of them gave me nothing. I got about 7 through the whole DLC only one a class mod which is way below DLC 1.

One random clown dropped me 4 at once… So it’s likely RNGesus being fickle yet again.

last DLC was to generous, this one has to low droprates xD

at least let us enjoy the game before the powercreep makes it stale again :stuck_out_tongue:

Dlc is bad due to drop rates alone. Me and my buds stopped playing before we even finished. Trash. How the first dlc nailed it so well and this one failed is beyond me

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Only managed to play for 20 min today, downloading the patch and the dlc, it took my intire free time, but within this play session I got 2 legendaries from regular enemies, both anointed.
Tomorrow I got more time in my hands guess I’ll see how it turns out. I’m playing on ps4.

Drop rates are fine on XBL…did you make sure the hotfixes loaded first? Cause I read before I tried that some people weren’t getting any anointed Items to drop or rare enemies weren’t always respawning. They said restarting the game fixed it.

So I did that before I even started the DLC, and I’ve had about 5 legendary weapons drop so far. One from a rare enemy in the DLC and he dropped the new Zane class mod. That’s the only legendary I’ve gotten so far that’s exclusive to this DLC though. The rest were old weapons. But i’m not very far into the DLC yet.

I got this as a random drop…

Bosses seem to deliver fewer, but found these in Skittermaw Basin during Call of the Deep. (M2)

A new one…

An old, but essential, favorite…

And this one…

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It seem to be a bug. When I installed the DLC the drop rate became abysmal. This morning it was back to normal, chest are dropping legendaries like Handsom Jackpot (This wasn’t the case yesterday)

Haven’t finished the DLC yet but I did get an anointed version of one of the new weapons during the first mission (before The Lodge) so I’m feeling optimistic.

On PS4

holy crap that is a pretty Ruby’s Wrath :hushed:

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I have not completed the new DLC, but so far I have noticed very few Purple/Legendary drops and TONS of Green drops. I even saw some whites drop which I can’t remember the last time I noticed one. On M4.

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