Is it me or does the missile volley super not work?

I’ve been messing around with adding some weapons that a ship can shoot on command with the missile volley button. It wasn’t working as I expected, so I took a really close look at how the missile destroyers work in-game, and it seems to me like it hardly ever works, and almost never right when you press the button.

Is it just me?

Still trying to get the missiles to work right. Somewhere I saw a command like usespecialattackinnormalattack=1 or something like that. I think it makes the CPU use missiles on the missile destroyers all the time. Does anybody know where that is? I can’t find it. Thanks!

it’s a granted AI reasearch in aiproperties.lua - now to see if it works on humans :wink:

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yep, it works!

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Wait so was the missile destroyers always using the missile dump special attack?

The AI was. It was the same for the burst attack from the Heavy Corvettes. As far as I can tell, the button barely works, so I set up like that for humans as well in the mod. I’m working on a bunch of new weapon upgrades for the next version of Goliath, and I’m setting them up the same way. It would be cooler if the buttons worked, but I don’t think I’ve got the skills to fix stuff that’s broken in the game itself.