Is it me or is Caldarius' double jump pathetic?

Its almost like I’m jumping forward maybe a step or two. It seems completely irrelevant until you get the upgrade which brings it up to a passable but by no means great utility. I love the guy but it really seems lacking.


The real strength in calderius double jump is not height, but vertical movement, especially in changing direction (jump forward and then thrust to right, left). It is what makes cald the most mobile character, able to dash on, make problems, and then get out before he takes mouch damage.


Well, second most… Sassy, narcissistic Hawkman FTW!

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Yeah, it feels ridiculous (seeing him flying around like a jet in the intro cartoon made me LOL), but the point is being able to get away fast. There is literally no reason you should ever take his vertical jump helix upgrade, the whole point of the “double jump” is zooming in & zooming out w/o needing to use an ability. Tbh it still feels like he doesn’t do enough overall damage, but that’s a whole other thing.

Yah that made me sad watching him fly around. I wish he could move like that in game.

i actually like it on the paradise map as it is sufficent for some jumps there

I just like to imagine the Gravity is stronger on this particular star, so he cant fly but merely jump. would make sense, no?


Not really, he’s shown to fly around a load in his mission and the stars gravity wouldn’t really effect the gravity of the planets and if the planetary gravity was that high than ships wouldn’t fly and everyone would probably be dead.

Just like others have mentioned the strength in the ability is the lateral movement. When you really get the hang of it and get into small skirmishes its extremely handy and will save Cals life. Harder to hit a moving target and he is super fast. All in all a great ability. Pair that with his helix where you can amplify his dash to make him jump once automatically and you’ve got some nice stuff you can do (get away, go in w/e you want) Lovin me some caldarius right now


Be wary of someone getting high ground against you as Cad. While your jumps will save you from opponents near you, Cad is an excellent target for OM, WF, Thorn and Marqui and very easy to hit even when dashing if the shooter is above you

i think they could buff his damage a bit, it seems to be a bit low compared to other characters

Erm do not agree with none of this.

Feels frustrating at first as i felt the same but once you understand how he operates it is a whole another story.

He does navigate like a god damn Gundam. It is not that his jump itself will sky rocket you up in the air but combined with his other abilities it is another story, try below in a quick fashion and feel the grin on your face:

Jump + vertical or horizontal (horizontal is gd too - do not dismiss it) double jump in your preferred direction, gravitic burst in the direction you want at the end of your doule jump (IN THE AIR!! :)) and finish it with the aerial assault (Yes you can combine these in the air). You will feel like piloting a Gundam and travel half the map in 2 secs landing in the middle with a bang.

As for his damage, he is a shock trooper and really strong, you just need to utilize his strengths. Buff your gun with Attack speed + Shock trooper fast shield regen stuff or further strengthen your gun.

Got a 20 - 0 with Cald - he destroys ■■■■ once you get how he moves around.

My favourite is when you aerial assault a low health runner inside his base from nowhere (poor soul thinks he is in the base and safe at that point) and get out of there before they even realize you are there utilizing double jump and gravitic burst.

Hope this helps.


Hawkman is not even close

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Ok. You said you don’t agree w/ “[any] of it” but didn’t really say anything about how or what you disagree with.

It’s the vertical jump that’s not worthwhile for his character, which is what I said. You can in fact almost completely dismiss the vertical jump height helix: you need to be standing still to use it, while Caldarius is all about fast forward movement - getting in & getting out fast (as I said, and I dunno how anyone could disagree w/ that). The increased jump height would be more useful if it applied to the first jump rather than the second, so you could get higher then change direction, but as it stands there’s no reason not to pick either lateral thrust, or in some circumstances (like no healer) the energy blade life steal mutation (which should & could safely be a lot higher than 15% tbh, so it’s not the best choice). You don’t really need the extra jump height anyway b/c once your ult unlocks you can pull off some really cheesy stuff by flying up & landing wherever you please.

He feels amazing w/ movement speed gear - I use Trail Blazers in his loadout (which syngergize well w/ his need to crit to do consistently high damage) until I can find Go-Go Juice. His sprint speed can get so high that double jumping actually slows you down, it’s mostly about changing direction.

I did explain why i disagree but anyway, just saying not trying to be a douche + you do not need to stand still for vertical, you just need to stop moving after your first jump. It is like get high and gravitic burst to reach places where you usually cant with the vertical and combine it with your aerial assault. It is true that vertical jump helix is the lesser but hey it is all situational, %15 lifesteal for energy blades is useless too if you ask me.

Havent tried movement speed boosting gear yet but i will

if you’re moving in any direction you jump in that direction, thus you need to stop moving (aka standing still) to jump vertically, that’s how the mechanic works, you have to come to a stop, however briefly.

erm no. Standing still means standing still - here is a simpler example:

Lets say you are running north, if you keep pushing the button or your analog towards north you jump in that direction - aka lateral thrust.

BUT if you were moving north lets say up in the air after a gravitic burst and you let go the movement button/analog stick AND perform your vertical double jump it works.

Standing still and what i explained above are really different things imo.

You’re arguing semantics for no reason just to disagree.

No homy. I am trying to make it clear enough for a beginner. Nothing personal

Lol, I’m not a beginner, stop trying to be condescending when you don’t even know what “standing still” means, “homie.” You’ve been trying to bait me from the beginning by arguing without saying anything - well, congrats, you’re a jerk. There’s no prize.