Is it me or is Caldarius' double jump pathetic?

:open_mouth: Calm down. I did not mean you when i said beginner: i meant i am trying make it clear for A beginner.

Obviously i am the one using the term “standing still” wrong and trust me i have no interest in baiting you or anybody for that matter.

I do not know how one can argue with another without saying anything but at the end of it all, please refer to the part where i put a tiny little disclaimer where i made it clear that “i am just saying what i think and not trying to be a douche”.

Please do not go mad when people express their opinion which might differ from yours. Would be awesome if we can just stick to Caldarius mechanics.

As for the jerk part…Thank you.

His mobility is so high that it took a whole team to take me down last night. Fun times :grin: I was constantly over extending too… Poor Benedict, his rockets got nothing on Cald.

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You mean lateral movement then. But personally, i still think it lacks in how far it moves you.

Use Adaptive Harmonics and Rangefinder for balanced offense, or stack Microfusion Cell and Rangefinder for all-gun offense. The latter option gives you 39(!!!) TMP bullets at Helix 9. NOT to be trifled with.

  1. Spamming Double Jump forward is slightly faster than sprinting, but less reliable
  2. Double Jump can restore forward momentum (or any momentum) post knock back effect.

Double-jumping laterally over a tall ledge saves a lot of downtime when someone chasing you would be falling down and keeps a lot of forward momentum when the actual dash ends for the rest of your duration in air.

Saves you from falloff deaths when fighting Rendain too. :sunglasses:


Caldarius is the most horizontally mobile character. He can be harder to pin down than a super bouncy Melka or thorn if he knows what he’s doing. About the only good counter for him is a stun. If he’s slowed he can use his speedy rocket booster to zip out of the area, cause they are not affected by slows. He can get out of knockups easily. His erratic horizontal movement is horrible for any type of sniper to target.

Mellka’s got you beat :\

Vertical is up and down

Before patch symbiotic gauntlets, a water bottle, and shoes was sooo much fun. Still is but meh…

I will say that his vertical jump Helix augment is clunky as hell. You have take your finger off ANY movement button while activating the second jump, or else you don’t get the extra vertical boost, and just have your base second jump. It shouldn’t be impossible to activate that second jump while still indicating a direction, should it?

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…I’ve done Sabo with each character…
He is the hardest to make the jump to the two turrets that are above the lava. miss, miss, miss jump.

I always thought his vertical jump helix would be more interesting if it either;

  1. Boosted the height of only his first jump, so he then could then jump more upwards with his double, or just get a longer jump by double-jumping in a direction.

  2. The helix makes his double jump go higher, even if you pick a direction.

I feel like Caldy could use some more vertical movement. For having a flight suit, both Benedict and Mellka are far superior him in airbourne fights.
That is why I feel the above changes might be interesting. Caldy can not fly, but he can jump good.

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I’d even see his Double Jump revamped to resemble Kleese’s hover jump - also the same key mechanic would help utilise it.


I always take the vertical double jump at lvl5. He already has enough horizontal mobility, and the lifesteal on energy blade is worthless.

The verticality is huge. It allows you to jump up to the mid on paradise, up onto the ledges where benedict perches etc etc. Even in just plain combat no-one ever expects Caldarius to fly straight up so it messes with their aim chronically. I’d say 30% of my double jumps are plain vertical in combat. So no. It’s totally fine. A little more horizontal maneuverability after the double jump would be nice though (ie controlling where he falls with more precision instead of just virtually straight up/down).

Would be nice to get something to drop fast to the ground though! :wink:

I wrote “resemble”. It doesn’t have to be that slow, just the same “hold key to rise above” mechanics but faster movement (rocket jump) +release the button to immediately fall down (like Benedict).
The “pick no direction” requirement for double [vertical] jump is just counterintuitive and cumbersome.

well… disagree, maybe ol’ ben is the second, but caldy is way more mobile than benedict , and a less good target while airborne