Is it me, or is Melka's health too low?

Hi everybody,

I’ve just started playing as Melka again and I’ve noticed that her health seems to have been lowered quite a bit. I don’t know exactly when this happened (I don’t always keep up with the Battleplans) but I’m sure it has. I understand she needed nerfing, her damage output was way too high in relation to her survivability but now whenever I get into a fight I find I have to almost instantly turn and run or I’ll get killed. Even against the minions in meltdown her health drops dangerously low that a flick from a Battleborn kills her!

She doesn’t have that survivability the other Eldrid characters have. The Eldrid are my favourite faction, mainly because of their health regen and survivability, but Melka doesn’t have the latter. Sure she can regenerate health, if you’re lucky enough to get away from the enemy, but that has rarely happened to me because her health seems so low. I’ve never died as quickly as any other Eldrid than I have as Melka.

I noticed today, when playing splitscreen with my brother, that at the beginning of Incursion, Melka has around 992 HP which sounds like a decent amount. But then I looked at my brother’s half of the screen, he was playing as Orendi and had roughly 800 HP AND A SHIELD! I always thought Orendi was a character with less health than others because of her high attack but now I’m not sure. Has Orendi got good HP or is Melka’s too low for someone without a shield?

Is it just me or is Melka’s health too low? She used to be one of my favourites but now I rarely play as her in PvP cause I get ripped to shreds! Has anyone else found this to be the case? And if so, please Gearbox, save Melka! I don’t think she enjoys being ripped to pieces when it’s her glaive that should be doing it to others!

Short answer, yes.

Long answer: Let's talk about post-nerf Mellka, her melee, and her helixes


Yeah I think she could use her health back, her accuracy or both. Plus a look at her helix “options.” I hardly ever see her on ps4. She’s down there with Kelvin and Attikus as the rarest opponents now for me.

Probably less than 5-10 in the last week

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It’s you.


You hate mellka with a passion huh

Forget you guys I love playing mellka and jumping over people’s heads, poisoning them for days. The best is how quickly you can escape everything with strike

Nope, she’s awesome; just never had a problem playing her.

Meh, I think she’s fine where she is. As long as you build health gear you should be fine with her.

She’s “fine,” but she’s not balanced. There’s no justifiable reason she should have almost 20% less health than Thorn (who can get life steal too!). Caldy is even more mobile than Mell, and he has more HP and a shield (and has life steal as well… it’s worth pointing out that Mell’s only regen helix is a not-worth-picking melee buff that competes with a far superior, always-on max health stacking helix.)

Mellka is still good, because getting hit is something experienced Mell players have always avoided anyway. The nerf is still bad because it doubled down on her broken helix design, and it placed limitations on her play and build that don’t apply to her nearest counterparts in the cast. No Thorn or Caldy feels obliged to take a health item. Conversely, most Mellkas will give up a slot to health (or take a costly epic) because it’s hard not to feel disadvantaged otherwise.

The rationale behind the nerf was that Mellka was surviving too long in lane. But it’s what she does in lane that matters. Her survival in lane was never enough to make her a better pick for lane control and harassment than Thorn or Caldarius - at best, it put her on par. (She was often said on these forums to be the most balanced character in the game.) Her nerf happened in a character vacuum, and only a week before major changes to Slow that shook up her game anyway.

And of course the punchline: by design, Mell is supposed to melee.


Neither have I.

It’s still bad design.

Just because some players are talented with some characters doesn’t mean those characters can’t be badly tuned relative to the others in the roster (or the meta-game more generally.)

Just because I can get a 28 kill streak with Mell doesn’t by itself justify a clear disparity in how she’s designed and how she plays in practice.


Fair enough. Buff Orendi’s health too, because i both love and suck woth her.

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No no no. That evil tiny imp is hard enough to hit with melee already an she hits as hard or the hardest in the roster. Leave Orendi alone, shes just fine the way she is.
Melka definitely needs alteast a health buff of nothing else

Then, then… Give her FIVE ARMS!! Because i need SOMETHING.

EDIT: Also; don’t talk about my beloved like that, or i will cut out your tongue, and wear it as a corsage to our wedding.

Thatll be tough to do when i gut ye an make a sail of yer innards to use on my boat to sail away from ye bu1lsh!t :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Better pirates than you have tried…

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She has possibly more health than she needs. I rarely die with her past level 7, and before only two to three as well

It’s a bit much. She can still survive well, but it forces her into an extremely hit and run playstyle. Therein lies the problem. In capture I win 1v3s. I don’t even play her on Incursion though. She can’t take concentrated fire, she needs to be bouncing around at all times, but that’s a high skill ceiling. She can perform, but it’s not fair to the majority

Better pirates then i have failed, that’ll be why i can do it, because ye be underestimate’n y’er opponent :wink:

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I wish she was back to the state where her poison was 8 seconds, @EdenSophia did you use her melee back then

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It’s you! :smile_cat: