Is it me or is the katagawa jr fight really easy,even for mayhem lvl 10

Ive been farming it starting it at mayhem 6 but I just kept 1 shotting it once i used my clones and got luck so I thought this is way to easy so I changed it to mayem lvl 10 and its the same thing really as long as you either run from death or use your clone to revive your self with will be fine.Idk just something if anyone who is struggling with getting legendaries early on or climbing mayhem lvls there you go and you get a lot of cash fast.(I might try to see the difference with this boss and the jack bot fight.

Half the bosses are pushovers :rofl:

Especially when you can just use M10 weapons everywhere (and they’re not really hard to get a hold of)

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Kat Jr fight is bugged, his health is not scaled correctly in Mayhem.


Makes sense

i really is. even on mayhem 11, i just stand there and dont do much. next thing i know hes dead. like i just leave it to my pet to kill him

Back in the day, we are one shotting katagawa jr even before we land.

When the game first came out you could one-shot katagawa while you were putting the DVD in the console…